5 Easy-To-Use PDF to Excel Converters To Check Out

PDF files are primarily helpful in the content presentation of the documents. Commonly used for viewing or delivering documents, images, magazines, brochures, spreadsheets, tables, and many more forms of documents and files that you can turn to PDF. It’s the quickest and reliable way to print for what your format or file wants to look like.

When you change or import your spreadsheet from Microsoft Excel to PDF, you can notice a lot of mistakes. It is very overwhelming to edit, especially if you haven’t had enough time, right? But there’s a way to convert that back to Excel to save time for yourself, and here’s a guide on how you can do that:

Have you ever wondered how you can change your Portable Document Format (PDF) file to Excel? This article will teach you how you can import and convert your PDF document into an excel file.

Simple Conversion Guide

Step 1: Choose a PDF to Excel converter

There are several PDF to Excel converters you can choose from that are available on the internet. You can easily download these converter apps on your phone or computer. Here’s a list of converters that are the most reliable:




Adobe Acrobat


Step 2: Open PDF File

Once you have chosen your converter, select and open your PDF file and open your converter to transfer your file from there.

Step 3: Convert PDF to Excel

When you see the PDF conversion, you have chosen and downloaded and the file you’ve opened up, you’ll see it on your screen. Once you see it, select the output format you want to convert to, which is Excel, and you’ll see the convert button from the converter you have chosen, click that, then click the button that says “to excel.”

Step 4: Saving your converted file or format

When you click the “to excel” button, you can go to settings to customize how your converted Excel file and format before saving and converting your file. If you want nothing to change from your format, select default, then hit the “OK” button so you can keep your file. 

When the conversion is done, you can see from your screen that it has converted your PDF format to your Excel table or spreadsheet.

This mainly works on laptops and computers. You can still save your converted Excel file from your phone, but it’s quicker to do on a computer.

Step 5: Edit on Excel

Once you convert your PDF format to Excel, you can edit whatever you need to edit, whether it’s a table or spreadsheet. You can save a ton of time when having a converter for your computer.

It’s a reliable source when you want to convert because having a converter saves time and energy to edit in the fastest way possible.

Now you know the steps and the guide on converting your PDF file to Excel, but you’re unsure what converter to choose what is best suited for you and your computer; here’s a quick review of the five best PDF converters that we have previously mentioned.

5 Best PDF Converters

  • PDFBear

PDFBear is among the best online tools you can use to convert PDF to Excel. Using it is easy, but the duration of conversion depends on the server and file size. The server deletes the file an hour after the conversion. Thus, you can expect it secures your files. Only you can access the file and the people with whom you shared it. This software is accessible to different Operating Systems like Linux, Mac, and Windows. The best thing is you can upload the files from your devices to the PDFBear website. 

  • PDFelement

If you download this converter, it’s the fastest way to edit and convert on any document format like PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and Excel once you transfer your PDF file to your output file. You need to download and sign up on the PDF element. This converter is available on Windows and Mac. It’s also available on your Android and iOS phones. It’s completely free; you just need to sign up.

  • SmallPDF

Another conversion tool that’s reliable and can convert from any Microsoft format. If you download this converter, once you convert your PDF file to any output file you want, it doesn’t lose the quality, and other converters do that. 

Many have downloaded this, but the only thing about this converter is that you have to buy it, but it’s a reasonable price. There is a free trial for it; then, after that, pay at least $12 per year.

  • Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is the most helpful converter tool many people use. It’s one of the popular converters that most people highly recommend. It’s also available on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. This converter is that you can automatically edit your PDF file once you sign up, same with PDFelement. 

You can edit, create, rotate, compress the file however you want and still have an excellent quality when you’re signed up. It can also protect your files. If you’re going to buy a high-quality Adobe Acrobat, it’s called Acrobat Pro DC. It is expensive, but you have more options when converting and scanning your file.

  • PDFZilla

With this converter, PDFZilla is a great tool to compress and reduce your documented files. But with converting, it works. But some people have experienced technical difficulties with lay-outing once it’s reversed. Most of those documents are the ones that have a high-quality size. By reducing the size file, it would be easier.

It’s an easy-to-use converter and also fast when you want to save time. When you’re an organized person, this converter is for you because it can organize and manage your files in the most valuable and easy way when finding what you’re looking for.


By following the steps in converting a PDF file to excel, you will have no worries when editing and presenting your file. If the steps don’t help, there are many video tutorials to help you guide when you need to convert PDF to Excel.

Converting your PDF to Excel is not that hard. You only have to find the best resources and access to which converter you want to use. There is also a guide available to help you convert files.


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