7 Work From Home Essentials You Must Already Have by Now

We are all aware that working from home is a new reality, especially for us who enjoy the privilege of this setup. While most of us were able to catch on and learn how to adjust to it, perhaps you are among those who still haven’t taken the lengths to perfect your home office setup. That’s okay as long as you’re productive, but investing in a few essentials for the new normal not only helps you keep in trend but also gears you for maximum comfort and productivity. Do stick around because today we’ll be running down on 7 Work From Home essentials that you probably haven’t yet invested in Let’s start!

  • A Lap Desk

You must have already tried sitting on every chair and worked on every desk, table, or countertop in your home. Perhaps, you might have already invested in an ergonomic office chair for your setup. However, sitting upright for prolonged periods can be exhausting for your body–regardless if it’s in a comfy office chair. 

That is when a lap desk comes to the rescue. It helps you stay comfortable while on your laptop in times your body calls you to work on the couch or in bed. These are extremely portable, and they also give you easy-access storage for your notebooks, documents, pens, and other work essentials.

There are plenty of designs to choose from that come in an awesome range of features. Some have phone stands, built-in mousepads, and laptop cooling pads, while others also double as laptop risers which can help you score that pleasing angle when you are in an online meeting. Since they are portable, you can take all your work essentials with you — wherever you plan to work in the house!

  • Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Buds or Headphones 

If you feel left behind still digging wired headphones, you must know by now that Bluetooth headphones today work like magic. They are now more superior, crisp, and less prone to hiccups which you might probably have gotten used to during the early days of the tech.

To be honest, they can get a little expensive, but they promise you comfort to move around and worry less about any wires. And another thing, you might think you don’t need the noise-cancellation feature because you have the place all to yourself. But having noise-canceling headphones allow you to work practically anywhere, so there would be no worries about the distractions in your surroundings.

  • A Portable Studio Light/Desk Lamp

Zoom and video meetings are a huge part of our new normal, so help yourself look brighter and better in front of the camera by getting the lighting that you need. Get desk lamps that have multiple settings so you can set them up to match your needs, whether it’s for meetings or for a desk light to prevent your usual eye strain. As for portable studio lights, go for rechargeable pocket-sized ones that you can easily attach to your computer, tablet, or phone so you’d stay illuminated when you might need to leave your desk.

  • Bleeves or Snuggies

The perfect way to feel cozy while working is to wear this new trend called snuggies or blankets with sleeves, better known as bleeves. They help you keep warm during long cold nights. So next time around you would need to pull an all-nighter for work, snug yourself into a bleeve. Enjoy the warmth of a dozen hugs and the feel of a velvety touch while you stay productive.

  • Cozy Slippers

Now that you can stay warm and comfy in bleeves, their perfect pair are cozy slippers. These are excellent alternatives to floor cushions when you have a standing desk, and hardwood floors that can get uncomfortable for long periods. Compared to having a floor cushion under your desk, cozy slippers are not limited to the surface area of the cushion and your office chair won’t be bothered. Ultimately, with a pair of cozy slippers, you can take comfort with you wherever you go!

  • A Moleskine Journal

You can use any kind of notebook but what makes a Moleskine so special? First of all, the price you pay for a Moleskine journal can motivate you to give extra value to your note-taking habits. Since this is no ordinary notebook, it encourages you to take your work habits more seriously. To top that all off, most Moleskine covers are water-resistant and all its pages are acid-free. If you didn’t already know, acid-free paper and its written notes can last lifetimes. If you see that much value in your writings and notes, a Moleskine journal makes it possible for you to look back and cherish certain phases of your career with its time-proof pages.

  • A Petite Coffee Maker

If you already have a faithful coffee maker in your home, a petite or desk coffee maker helps you take fewer trips to the kitchen and avoid making huge batches of coffee. That way, when it’s crunch time at work, you no longer have to leave your workstation. And the best part is, you’re sure to have freshly brewed coffee every time!

  • Takeaway

Now that it’s been a while since this new normal, we hope that you would be kind to yourself and not hesitate to invest in things that can make life working from home much easier. We hope that you were able to find top picks of your own from this list and give yourself a treat because you deserve it!


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