99% of deaths in the United States are not yet vaccinated: Anthony Fauchi

According to the top infectious disease specialist in the United States, 99.2 percent of those who die of corona in the country have not yet been vaccinated. Dr. Anthony Fauchi said it is really sad and tragic that most of these deaths are preventable and avoidable. This information has been revealed from the report of the American news agency AP.

The United States has the highest number of deaths from the coronavirus epidemic. More than 6.5 million people have died in the country. The United States is fortunate to have enough vaccines to give to all citizens of the country, said Anthony Fouchi, a recent communicable disease specialist with a daily mortality rate. There are many people in the world who can do whatever they are told to do for a tick.

“We have a very effective antidote to the coronavirus epidemic, even though it is a terrible enemy,” Anthony Fouchi said on NBC’s “Meet the Peace.” And that is why the death of a person because he cannot use it completely is very sad and even more tragic.

Anthony Fawcett said the reason for not getting vaccinated was that many people in the United States opposed vaccination, some for ideological reasons and some for fundamentally anti-vaccination or anti-science. He called on all to unite in tackling the common enemy virus, putting aside differences in tackling the epidemic. However, many people in the country are not interested in getting vaccinated.The obligation to show vaccination cards can be excluded in some cases, including diplomatic visas and service visas, and during official visits at ministerial level.

The government is also extending the quarantine time for foreign travelers from five days to eight days.

Indonesia recorded 27,233 new COVID-19 cases and 555 deaths from the virus in the last 24 hours. It brings the total to 2,284,084 cases and 60,582 death tolls as of Sunday.


COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — Sri Lanka’s health ministry on Sunday gave permission to re-open restaurants, hotels and indoor sports centers that had remained closed for several weeks due to a surge in the COVID-19 cases.

Gyms, salons and barber shops are also allowed to re-open the under new guidelines issued on Sunday.

But places of worship, cinemas, casinos and night clubs will continue to be closed.

However, the health ministry said the relaxed restrictions will be reviewed after two weeks.

The easing of some of the coronavirus restrictions came a week after Sri Lanka came out from a monthlong lockdown.

Sri Lanka has seen a sharp increase of positive cases and deaths since April. The increases were attributed to celebrations and shopping by people during the traditional new year festival.

Sri Lanka’s total number of positive cases has reached 264,057 with 3,191 confirmed fatalities.
Dr Anthony Fauci says “it’s really sad and tragic that most all of these are avoidable and preventable.” He tells NBC’s “Meet the Press” it’s frustrating “where you have a formidable enemy” in the coronavirus and “yet we do have a countermeasure that’s highly, highly effective. And that’s the reason why it’s all the more sad and all the more tragic why it isn’t being completely implemented in this country.”

Fauci cites the reasons for opposition to the vaccine by some Americans, whether it’s “ideological” or whether some “are just fundamentally anti-vax or anti-science.” He says the country does “have the tools to counter” the pandemic and he’s asking people to “put aside all of those differences and realize that the common enemy is the virus.”

Fauci notes the US is “very fortunate” that it has “enough vaccines to vaccinate essentially everybody in the country.

And there are people throughout the world who would do anything to get vaccines.” The United States has registered over 605,000 deaths in the pandemic, the highest national toll in the world.

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