Ahmed Arbury murder: Lawyers of suspects ask court not to use ‘victim’ in trial | Ahmed Arbury

Lawyers for Georgia’s father and son have been accused of stalking an unarmed black man in the street and then shooting him dead.

In a motion filed in the Cliny County High Court on December 30, Gregory and Travis McMichael’s lawyers insisted that the use of the term to describe 25 – year – old Ahmed Arbery was impartial to their defense.

“The purpose of this movement is to prevent the state from neglecting its duty to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the crimes were in fact committed and that McMichells committed the alleged crimes.” Four side movement, Signed by attorneys Franklin and Laura Hoag, Robert Rubin and Jason Sheffield.

“The proper process requires a minimum of error or prejudice in these actions. The use of terms such as ‘victim’ allows the accused to focus more on the source of each of the alleged elements.”

Arbery was killed while jogging in Brunswick, Georgia on February 23 last year. Retired police detective Gregory McMichael, 64, and his son Travis, 34, were shot and killed when they allegedly chased Arbery in their truck and started a confrontation.

McMichales, who is in white, denies charges such as brutal murder, aggravated assault and misdemeanor imprisonment. They are in jail without bail.

Neighbor William Bryan Jr., who recorded the shooting on his cell phone, denies the murder charges and the attempt to enjoy a false prison sentence.

All three are in jail without bail.

Arbury’s murder provoked outrage in the local community and nationally, especially after it was revealed that local law enforcement initially refused to arrest the suspects, a lawyer who later defended himself wrote. A memorandum Explains why he believed the murder was legally justified.

McMichaels told detectives they believed Arbery, a trained electrician, was responsible for a robbery in their neighborhood and wanted to ask him about them. They were arrested on May 7, more than two months after the case was accepted by the Georgia Intelligence Service.

In May 2020, the Guardian received video of an incident involving Arberry and police at a park in Brunswick in 2017, in which officers tried to tease him after he was found alone in his car. Arbury complied with the instructions. Prosecutors for his family allege he harassed Clin County police.

McMichales’ lawyers, with a motion to waive the “impartial” terms Filed a document Related to “the security and decoration of the courtroom” and demand that visitors be prohibited from wearing clothing with slogans that are politically or racially charged.

The movement cites previous appearances in court by “observers who associated themselves with the trial” who appeared in court wearing masks with the words “Black Lives Matter”, “I Can’t Breathe” and “Justice for George Floyd”.

Previously, prosecutors had asked that jurors be allowed to show only one photo of Arbury, and that the trial should return “Arbury’s order, criminal and mental records” along with the contents of his cell phone records and his social media accounts. .

No test date set. The Guardian could not access the Cope County Attorney’s Office, which handles the attorney.

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