Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has the largest 50 650 million real estate portfolio

This is the end of an era for Jeff Bezos, who announced that his tenure as CEO of Amazon will end soon.

Starting as an online bookstore in 1994, Amazon has grown into a multi-trillion dollar company with Mr. Bezos, 57, who was the leader of it all.

Since then, he has calculated a huge real estate portfolio of US $ 500 million (6 A650 million) for inflation. From properties in Beverly Hills to Seattle to the good old West Texas, and even in cities like Washington, DC and New York, Mr. Bezos has a home for every climate.

Until McKenzie divorced Scott in 2019, he was worth about $ 150 billion (195 A195 billion) – making him the richest man in the world.

Following the divorce, Mr Bezos became the richest man in the world for the third year in a row on Forbes’ 2020 list, despite giving his ex-wife $ 36 billion (47 A47 billion) worth of Amazon shares.

Today, Mr Bezos’ net worth is estimated at about $ 195 billion (25 A254 billion) – driven by the rise of Amazon’s portfolio among epidemics.

Although it is not clear at this point how the two decided to divide their real estate property, the homes he bought have spread across the country.

To see the good life of Jeff Bezos, roll over.

New York

Madison Square Park, 212 Fifth Avenue | US $ 96 million (125 A125 million)

At the height of the epidemic in April 2020, the online store Magnet 212 closed on the 20th floor of Fifth Ave. for $ 16 million (21 A21 million) in a three-bedroom condominium.

This is the fifth time he has bought an entire site in a 24-storey building – he has already dropped $ 80 million (104 A104 million) on the 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th floors in June 2018.

His 2019 apartment complex includes a three-story, five-bedroom, five-and-a-half-bathroom penthouse and the purchase of two unit floors below it, which he plans to combine into a total of 17,000 square feet of mega-condo. Ft (1579 sq m), according to Real

There is even a laboratory in Mr. Bezos’ penthouse. Each unit of the building overlooking Madison Square Park has gallery hallways, solid oak and marble floors and luxury finishes.

Built in 1912, the building houses a gym, a yoga studio, a therapy room, a playroom, a dining and meeting room, a catering kitchen and a screening room.


25 Central Park West | $ 13 million (17 A17 million)

Mr Bezos is widely reported to have four apartments worth $ 17.5 million (.2 A22.8 million) in the Century Condominium in 25th Central Park West, including neighboring Central Park and composer George Gershwin. Friends According to Manson Global, the star is Matthew Perry.

He reportedly bought three apartments in the building in 1999 for $ 7.6 million (10 A10 million) – today for about $ 12.1 million ($ 15.15.8 million), and added a quarter of his collection to $ 5 million in 2012. (6 A6.9 million).

However, an insider said New York Post Mr. Bezos does not possess any of these qualities.

Either way, the 33-story, twin-tower structure was built in 1932 by Irwin Chan, known for his Broadway theater designs. According to Street Easy, the building with the Art Deco exterior and lobby features more than 400 unique condominiums.

Washington DC

2320-2330 S Street, Colorama | $ 23 million (30 A30 million)

Amazon Hanko paid $ 23 million ($ 30 A30 million) in 2016 for a former textile museum in Washington’s top Colorama neighborhood – then he worked on a $ 12 million (16 A16 million) renovation. Washington Report.

Mr Bezos bought the estate three years after it became its sole owner The Washington Post.

Neighbors once housed Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump and Barack and Michael Obama.

The brick exterior has Roman columns and balconies, a private garden with a fountain lawn and brick curved walkways.

Covering an area of ​​27,000 square feet (2508 sq m), it was first built in 1914. It has 10 bedrooms, eight full bathrooms, six dining rooms and 11 fireplaces.

Mr Bezos bought a 4,800-square-foot (445 sq m) house across the street in January 2020 through a $ 5 million (A6.5 million) Capital Refundable Trust, which will represent him, Washington Announced.

Built in 1951, the four-bedroom home has five full bathrooms and two powder rooms. Featuring vault roofs, elaborate crown molding, carved marble fireplace and miserable hardwood floors, it features a 700-bottle wine cellar and roof floor.

The house, with brick and lime exterior, offers a fantastic dining room, elegant country-style kitchen, walk-in closets, balcony and patio covered with vault skylight.

Beverly Hills

Sunset P.L.D. | $ 165 million (21 A214 million)

Shortly before the corona virus outbreak, Mr Bezos bought the mansion for $ 165 million ($ 21 A214 million) from billionaire producer David Caffeine in a landmark deal.

The stunning, 12,254-square-foot (1138 sq m) house near Sunset Boulevard reveals rugged wooden plank floors, fresco walls, diamond-shaped windows and hand-carved doors.

The eight-bedroom, 10-bathroom garden features a coyote pool, a European garden, a pool-like pool and spa, waterfalls, a tennis court, a wooden cobblestone driveway and a patio with an outdoor fireplace.

The estate has a dining room for 12 people, a casual living room with antique fireplace, indoor-outdoor bar, a playroom and a cave with fireplace. The kitchen has exposed wood ceiling beams and hand-painted tiles, and there is even an attached apartment.

The brick house was built in 1923 for Harry Warner, the founder of Warner Bros. Studios. According to the list of chairs of the original Warner Bros. studio, seats are offered in the in-home theater.

The owner’s suite includes vault and beam roofs, double bathrooms, a refreshing area, a fireplace and a folding terrace.

The Tudor and French country style home has a two-story guest house hosted by celebrities including Marilyn Monroe, according to the Jade Mills Estates list.

Amazon’s soon-to-be CEO bought a solar-powered seven-bedroom, seven-bathroom mansion in 2007 for $ 24.4 million ($ 31.3 million).

The Spanish-style house lists wooden ceiling beams, red floor tiles, elaborate blue and yellow decorative tiling, curved doors and wooden rotunda roofs.

It is an edible kitchen with a fireplace, a family room, a media room and a private veranda and owner’s bedroom with views of the city.

Two acres (0.8 hectares) of garden, four outdoor gardens, a greenhouse, a submerged and burning tennis court, a swimming pool, an outdoor dining area, a separate guest apartment, six car garages, a patio and a motor court.

Mr Bezos bought the second, neighboring estate in Beverly Hills, California in 2017 for $ 12.9 million (.1 A16.8 million).

The off-market contract added half an acre to the existing two acres. Contemporary style, the single storey house was built in 1956 and has 4500 square feet (418 square meters) of four bedrooms and six bathrooms, according to Google Maps showing a large pool in the backyard.

West Texas

The 30,000-acre (12,140-hectare) property in western Texas is based on Mr Bezos’ private space agency, Blue Origin.

But the property also has a gray stucco house with four bedrooms. Mr Bezos bought the house in 2004 from lawyer Ronald Stosney for an undisclosed amount. Originally built in the 1920s, it has undergone millions of renovations under Mr Stosney, and Mr Bezos said he often wants to keep it when buying a home.

It features deer-Andler chandeliers, oak furniture, historical photographs and paintings of the farm, a shed and a guest house. The The Wall Street Journal.

Bezos is estimated to have paid $ 50 million (65 A65 million) for the property.

Mr. Bezos, who attended elementary school in Houston, said he wanted his family to have the opportunity to live on a farm after staying on his grandfather’s 25,000-acre (10,117-hectare) farm in Cotulla, Texas. To report.

Farms in the area cost about $ 4,400 ($ A1,800) per acre, according to Real, and Stosney said. WSJ Bezos paid a premium.

Medina, Washington

Green Point | US $ 10 million (13 A13 million)

One of Mr. Bezos’ first homes he bought following his new success at the company was in Seattle’s Medina. According to Real, he paid $ 10 million (13 A13 million) in 1998 for a 20,600-square-foot (1914 sq m) five-bedroom, four-bathroom home. Property records show that the 5.3-acre (2.1-hectare) property on the outskirts of Seattle is located near the local post office and grocery store.

Then, in 2005, he reportedly spent $ 50 million ($ 65 A65 million) on an 8,300-square-foot (771-square-meter) mansion with five bedrooms and four bathrooms. According to Real, these properties have 310 feet (94 m) of coastline.

Finally, Mr Bezos dropped $ 28 million ($ 36 A36 million) in integrated garden renovations in 2010, for a total of $ 88 million ($ 115 million) – $ 1111 million ($ A154 million), according to Real Correcting inflation.

The Medina Peninsula can be accessed from Seattle via the world’s longest floating bridge, which spans 7710 feet (2350 meters) across Lake Washington. The 1.4-square-mile (3.6 sq km) city has a golf and country club founded in 1927, where residents not only enjoy golf, but also swimming and tennis, according to Manson Global.

This article first appeared New York Post And re-created with permission

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