Another Taliban attack in Afghanistan, 23 killed

At least 23 people have been killed in Taliban attacks in Afghanistan’s Badakhshan and the northern province of Baghlan. The Taliban attacked several locations in the two provinces on Thursday night. The clashes erupted when security forces intervened, resulting in casualties. Most of the dead were civilians. However, there are also members of the security forces and Taliban fighters.

Badakhshan province police say Taliban fighters attacked various locations and security posts in the province on Thursday night. The biggest attack was carried out in the city of Faizabad. Eight people, including security personnel, were killed. More than three others were injured. However, another source told the media that at least 20 people had been killed in the Taliban attack in Badakhshan. One of the dead was a Taliban commander, the source said.

In addition, three people were killed in a Taliban attack in Baghlan province. Among the dead was Mohiuddin Paikan Haidari, head of the education department at Pul-e-Charkhi Jail. The other two killed were civilians in the Baghlan region. Meanwhile, foreign troops are being withdrawn from Afghanistan, while the Taliban are increasing their muscle strength. The Taliban have already taken control of more than 100 districts in Afghanistan. The Afghan security forces are fighting to rescue them.

US President Joe Biden recently announced an end to the war in Afghanistan. He said all US troops would be withdrawn from Afghanistan by September 11, two decades before the 9/11 attacks.
At least 46 pro-government forces and 29 civilians were killed in Afghanistan in the final four days of the month, giving May the highest total death toll in a single month since July 2019. The deadliest attack occurred in Jowzjan Province, where the Taliban attacked a security outpost in Faizabad district, killing five pro-government militia members and three police officers and a civilian. The outpost was overrun by the Taliban. In Helmand, a car bomb attributed to the Taliban targeted a security base in Gereshk district, killing three commandos and four soldiers and wounding 52 others.
A truck bomb attack on an army checkpoint in Ghor province killed nine soldiers late on Saturday, local governor Abdul Wadoud Faizada said in a statement on Sunday.

At least six members of the security forces were still unaccounted for after the attack.

A second truck bomb against a police headquarters in the Qaisar district of northern Faryab province on Saturday evening killed at least 14 members of the security forces and the police chief.

“Sixteen members of the security forces including some injured ones were taken alive as hostages by the enemy,” a member of Faryab provincial council told Efe on the condition of anonymity.

He said fierce fighting was underway between the security forces and the Taliban in the district governor’s office and a nearby army base in the district.

The third attack took place on Sunday and was also a truck bomb against a police headquarters, this time in northern Balkh province. It was followed by an armed attack.

The Taliban claimed all three attacks.

In the past 24 hours, fierce fighting was underway in 17 of the 34 Afghan provinces, according to the Ministry of Defence. During this fighting, 167 Taliban fighters were killed and another 59 injured, the ministry added in its daily update.

Violence has increased in the past month, particularly after the start of the final phase of the withdrawal of the 2,500 US troops and around 7,000 NATO troops stationed in the country on May 1, a process that is expected to be completed by early September.In a Taliban attack on Ala Sai District, one soldier and a police officer were killed and two more wounded. The Taliban abducted 200 security forces, including the district police chief, and captured the district. Later, the Taliban released the security forces.

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