March 7, 2021

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Apologies Trump will drown further in his shameful swamp | American News

Lisa Montgomery was the first woman to be killed by the US federal government in 67 years. On Tuesday, senators, including Corey Booker, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, wrote a letter to the judiciary. The investigation demands The “unprecedented” number of federal executions under Donald Trump’s watch.

A few hours later the president announced 15 apologies. This includes four military contractors jailed for killing unarmed men, women and children in Iraq. In short, war criminals.

Trump’s motivation was less with the quality of mercy than with the infinite amount of shamelessness. In his binary worldview those on death row should face unjust justice, but those who pass his test of faith have a ticket to freedom.

Nicholas Slotten, Paul Sluff, Evan Liberty and Dustin Hartz, who belong to Eric Prince, the brother of Trump’s main supporter and his education secretary, Betsy Divos, served as Blackwater’s bodyguards. All were serving long sentences for the 2007 massacre of 14 unarmed civilians in Baghdad.

After their trial in 2014, Ronald Machen Jr., U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia Said: “These Blackwater contractors unleashed powerful sniper rifles, machine guns and grenades on innocent men, women and children. Today they must take responsibility for that outrageous attack and its devastating effects on many Iraqi families. ”

Four leading political opponents and legal commentators were pardoned for achieving words such as “disgusting” and “gruesome”, even those who thought they had grown out of the Trump fury. With just 29 days left in the office, his burning-it-all-under-shame knows no bounds.

He apologized to Chris Collins, was jailed for making false statements to the FBI and conspired to commit bond fraud, and Duncan Hunter admitted to misusing campaign finance funds. Collins and Hunter were the first two congressmen to approve Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

Equally surprising is the apology of Special Adviser Robert Mueller to George Papadopoulos and Alex van der Swan, who were convicted as a result of the Russian investigation. Although Trump has described dozens of links between his campaign and Moscow, he continues to lament that the investigation is a profound state hoax.

Adam Schiff, Chairman of the House Investigation Committee; Tweeted Tuesday night: “Lying to cover up the president? You get pardoned. Corrupt politician who endorsed Trump? You get pardoned. Murder of innocent civilians? You get pardoned. Choose a corrupt man to be president? You get a corrupt ending.”

So much for “filtering the swamp” and doing “law and order”. Research by Jack Goldsmith, At Harvard University, a law professor, 88 percent of the 45 apologies or exchanges Trump made before Tuesday helped someone who was personally associated with him or benefited him politically.

Alan Litchman, A professor of history at an American university in Washington said earlier this month: “I am not surprised by Trump’s actions. He has no concern for law, humanity, dignity or tradition.

“Financially and politically, as far as his family is concerned, if he thinks it will be in his favor, he will issue any apology he wants.

In fact, Trump recently declared that he had “an absolute right” to forgive himself. Numerous historians and constitutional scholars disagree. Just as Gerald Ford apologized to Richard Nixon for an unpopular move that cost Ford re-election, it remains to be seen whether Joe Biden will do so in a national healing manner.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday night, President Blitz expressed growing distrust and support for the futile attempt to overturn the election result by relying on loyal Republicans. He has lost Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell; He could also miss vice president Mike Pence.

But the message he sent to the last band of Die Hearts and those interested was: Those who suppress suffering will be rewarded. If you lied and cheated on me, I got your back.

The power of amnesty is something more bizarre than a constitutional republic and an interim monarchy. It may be more attractive because the United States is slipping out of his grip as Trump enters the full King George III dissolution.