At least five people have been killed and dozens injured in a 100-car pipeline in the icy Texas Interstate.

A pile involving 100 vehicles killed at least five people and injured dozens more, officials said Thursday in a slippery Texas interstate.

Fordworth Fire Department spokesman Mike Drive said officers were going to each vehicle to assess medical needs after the “mass crash incident” involving tractor-trailers and other vehicles on Interstate 35. The freeway will be closed Throughout the day “remove vehicles one by one,” he said.

Thirty-six people have been taken to hospitals with various injuries, a spokesman said. Authorities had to use Jazz of Life to scan open vehicles and free those trapped inside them.

NBC News Correspondent Morgan Cesky Tweeted a video Cranes are used to lift cars from above each other.

An earlier Video posted on social media shows a tractor-trailer skidding in traffic. The crash led to others and sent some vehicles into the air.

The pipeline was caused by freezing rain and overnight snowfall that created dangerous driving conditions during the height of the morning ride. The National Weather Service said Fort Worth was under winter weather forecast through the afternoon of local time.

Fort Worth Police Officer Daniel Segura told NBC News: “We still have a very active scene.

Across the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, icy weather caused overnight car accidents.

Police in nearby Arlington Said They responded to 82 crashes just before 9 a.m. In Dallas, three people were killed and another was hospitalized in critical condition in two separate collisions at midnight. According to NBC-DFW.

J. Varela and Nicole Duarte Contributed.

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