March 7, 2021

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Bar fails to pass Trump’s loyalty test: Fragmentation of US Constitution | Sketch by David Smith | American News

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While Dick Cheney became known as George W. Bush’s “Darth Vader”, US Attorney General William Barr appeared as the worthy successor to Donald Trump’s Lord of the Sith.

Whether or not Russia rotates the investigation in favor of Trump or defends the harsh repression against domestic unrest this summer has played a role in Bar President’s activism with apparent joy.

But even he could not pass or pass the final test of faith: he would cut off the US Constitution and help his boss steal an election. As Trump’s daughter-in-law Mary puts it in the title of her book, this is too much and never enough.

Trump tweeted on Monday that Bar would resign before Christmas. Barr, for his part, issued a resignation letter in which allegations of election fraud included “frenzied and unsubstantiated allegations of an alliance with Russia” before praising Trump’s “historic” record.

David Axelrod, former chief strategist of Barack Obama, Seen in a Twitter post: “In writing his awkward exit letter, Bar @real reflected a basic understanding of DonaldTrump: Like a dog, if you scratch his stomach, he’s even more vile.[k] Kim [Jong-un] ! ”

But psychopathic words could not hide the fact that Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the FBI Director before him, James Comey, once refused to do the 45th presidential auction. Because democracy is in existential danger, he is a dog that does not bark.

Barr, who served as attorney general under George HW Bush in the early 1990s, has always been a firm believer in comprehensive presidential power and a staunch criminal. So, he borrowed one of Joe Biden’s favorite words, “Sympadico” – from Trump off.

A few weeks after his Senate affirmation, Robert Mல்லller’s report identified 10 credible allegations, but Barr allowed the president to obstruct justice (for which he could be prosecuted even after Trump leaves office). Bar’s pre-summary of the Special Adviser’s report was more than positive.

Bar did many other things to follow Roy Conn, a bullying lawyer and Trump mentor. Appearing before Congress, he proudly supported the aggressive law enforcement response to protests in Portland and other cities. He intervened in the cases of Trump allies Michael Flynn and Roger Stone and instigated against corona virus locks. He acted more like the president’s personal lawyer than the attorney general.

'Come election day, the worst has not happened, the organization has taken place.'

‘Come election day, the worst has not happened, the organization has taken place.’ Photo: Jessica Hill / A.P.

All of this made Bar a key figure in the dream scene of the 2020 election. Some observers feared that at the behest of the president, federal marshals might try to be sent to the polls. But come election day, the worst did not happen, the organization took place.

Surprisingly, two weeks ago Bar told the Associated Press The judiciary has not found a widespread electoral fraud that alters election results. From that moment on he died for Trump, publicly expressing his anger when he elevated his crusade against the will of the people to an even greater climax.

In this context, other rifts in the relationship became even more apparent. Trump was also angered by delays in releasing a report on the origins of the Russian investigation. The Wall Street Journal reports that Barr worked for “several months” during the election campaign to keep the federal investigation into Biden’s son Hunter secret.

“Why didn’t Bill Barr reveal the truth about Hunter Pitton to the public before the election?” Trump tweeted Saturday – The type of public shame that predicts firing or “resignation”.

That night, Jeanine Birro, presenter of the Conservative Fox News Channel, who greatly helped shape Trump’s thinking, Told the audience: “You, Mr. Barr, are so deep in the swamp that you can’t see behind your fellow reptiles.” Make America bigger again on social media, doubly angry at the sense of being betrayed by one of their own.

The timing of Trump’s tweet on Monday evening appeared to be a blatant attempt by the TV frantic president to change stories from Biden’s victory in previous election college moments. But times have changed. When Trump removed the sessions, it was a political earthquake that dominated the headlines. At the time, the move did not go unnoticed by Biden.

Power is moving away from one president to another. When Trump lost the media, he was truly the man of yesterday.