Benz plans to form a fundraising committee for Trump, beyond the Capitol riots

WASHINGTON – Former Vice President Mike Pence is beginning to create a political future without Donald Trump, with many sources knowing that his plans will help him maintain relationships with donors, including developing plans to form a policy-centric fundraising group.

Prior to resettlement in Indiana, U.S. Benz, who left Washington with his wife in St. Croix in the Virgin Islands, will announce his new venture in the coming weeks, sources said.

It would be slight to say that the end of the time he was in office was rocky. His relationship with Trump has been virtually nonexistent since a mob of former presidents attacked US capital and failed to counter Pence and defeat the election results. Jan.

After Pence and his family had to rush out of the Senate chamber and be hidden from the rioters, questions have been raised as to whether he will testify at Trump’s upcoming indictment, which will consider the former president guilty of inciting his supporters to revolt. Go to the Capitol.

However, there were no signals from the lawmakers conducting the indictment that Benz could be called as a witness, such as conducting such a deposit or preparing a report.

According to a Republican source, people close to Pence think his lawyers will argue that he can avoid testifying by gaining administrative privilege. Executive privilege is a principle that prevents mandatory testimony from the executive branch of the legislature.

But it is unclear whether the staff who were with Pence on January 6 and those who experienced the riot will be able to gain executive power.

Benz seems ready to start and move on to a new chapter.

Within the next month, he may announce the creation of a non-profit social welfare system to augment his positions on a “consistent conservative philosophy” as described by someone familiar with the program. 501 (c) (4) Such so-called non-profit groups can be active in political issues but are not allowed to engage in campaigning and can attract millions of dollars by keeping donors secret.

Starting his own team will give Benz a foothold in the fundraising world, and will allow him to maintain relationships with donors if he decides to run for president in 2024.

Pence is not expected to make an announcement about his own future campaigns after the 2022 interim, and advisers warn he has not made a final decision on whether he can run.

Pence can write a book. He is expected to go on the campaign trail ahead of the 2022 races to support Republican candidates, especially in the Cubernatorial races.

Sources familiar with the debate say Trump is recommending allies interested in engaging in alliances he considers to have done him injustice against Republicans. But Pence sources say he has not discussed the possibility of backing the positions against former Vice President Trump.

One of Pence’s acquaintances said: “It’s a long way off.

Pence wants to stay out of public view at this time.

After spending the previous four years at the Vice President’s House and the previous four years at the Indiana Governor’s House, Pence has no home.

He plans to stay temporarily with a family member in Indiana until he buys a home in the state later this year and plans to make it his permanent home.

He is protected by the Secret Service, which is common to former vice presidents, but gains more prominence after the Capitol riots.

Benz allies are angry that Trump never approached Pence when he was hiding in the Capitol, and by most accounts the relationship between the two is declining significantly.

But they can take the same stage again this spring: the Republican National Committee invited potential candidates, including Trump and other 2024 believers – to a spring meeting in Palm Beach, Florida in April.

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