Best Tips For Smarter Truck Parking At The Truck Stop Near Me:

Parking your truck at the truck stop near me and correctly may seem very easy, but in reality, there are important considerations to take into account when looking for the ideal comfortable and safe truck stop near me. 

The lack of available truck parking continues to be a problem for truckers, even today.

The following tips won’t provide you a truck stop near me, but they can help you find a good place to park, be safe, and be aware of your surroundings.

To plan:

One of the best ways to ensure that you get a good and safe place to park your truck is to pre-plan your route and moments of rest. 

Decide when and where you are going to stop and make a guide to the truck stop near me in the area. Some truckers use Google Earth to check parking spots and get up close and personal with them. 

If possible, try to time your trip to avoid an overnight stay in congested areas where parking is a challenge, and try to avoid overly dangerous areas.

Parks early:

A very busy truck stop near me will start to fill up in the early afternoon. If you are not up to it, plan your route so that your day starts early in the morning. 

So when it’s time to break, you’ll get to the truck stop before it fills up. You can also reserve your space at some stops; sometimes for free, with someone who can help you save your site.

Park intelligently:

Once you’ve found a safe truck stop near me, selecting the correct spot is still very important. Try parking at the end of the parking lot to avoid difficult traffic. 

Much of the inbound and outbound traffic is from the front third of the lot because most truckers try to park as close to the building as possible. 

At the truck stop, always park with the cab facing the front, in the same way as other trucks, to avoid theft.

Choose an active, well-lit area:

Some drivers park in-home and department store parking lots because there is a lot of activity and lighting. Your truck is much safer in these areas. 

If you don’t know where to park, talk to your destination dispatcher. He or she may be able to give you some advice on safe areas.

Meet your neighbors:

When you park your truck at a truck stop near me overnight, be sure to write down the name, license number, and the number of trucks that park next to you. Having the information of those around you can help you in case of any inconvenience or damage to your truck.

Sleep smart:

It’s your last decision to sleep in your truck after parking it at a truck stop near me, close your windows, put on the protector if you have it and put everything of value out of sight. 

This way thieves won’t want to break into or open your truck. Not only do you secure your property against theft, but it can also help you to be aware of any unforeseen events and react to any suspicious incidents.

Remember to take these tips into account when parking your truck at a truck stop near me so that both your stay and the route are perfectly safe.

General requirements for parking lots for trucks

Trucks with a total weight of more than 3.5 tons are prohibited from parking in settlements outside specially equipped areas, but parking for truckers in small towns is still a rarity, at best there is a dirt area at the entrance without lighting. This type of vehicle includes a maz truck tractor, a KAMAZ 5410 with a semitrailer, and many more

The current rules imply that parking for trucks must have a special sign – a silhouette of a truck with an indication of the weight.

length / width – 14-22 / 3.5-5 m;

with a passage width from 5.5 to 12 m.

Safety standards and levels:

The size of the parking lot for any freight transport and wagons is calculated depending on the dimensions and method of staging, for example:

Perpendicular to the driveway – this option is considered the most economical. The area of ​​one parking space is 50.7 sq. meters, length and depth – 13 m, and width – 3.9 m.

At an angle of 60 degrees. The area is 59.4 m², the length/depth is the same as in the first point, but it is necessary to increase the dimensions along the passage.

At 45 degrees to the road. The area increases to 65.4 sq. m, the depth decreases – 11.9 m, and the size along the passage will become larger – 5.5 m.

Parallel placement. One parking lot is allocated 66.3 m², length – 17 m, depth, and width – 3.9 m.

When placing cars, the length of which is more than 12 m, the minimum area in the first variant will be 66.3 m².

What can be fined for:

A violation can be considered when a truck or a tractor is left by the driver in a place that does not meet the requirements of traffic rules, a fine is issued for a truck parked at night, standing along the passage near a residential area.

The following penalties come into force:

  • Drivers of trucks and buses are prohibited from driving a vehicle for more than 9 hours a day, partners for rest are required to change after 4.5 hours;
  • To monitor the performance, tachometers will be installed on all trucks weighing more than 3.5 tons on a mandatory basis from 01.11.19;
  • If necessary, it is allowed to drive the vehicle up to 10 hours, but no more than two times during one week;
  • The total driving time during the week – 56, and for two – 90 hours.
  • Parking of freight transport is allowed only in specially equipped areas with lighting at night, in addition, you need to place: a toilet, a room for security, fire extinguishing equipment.

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