Biden to deliver first major foreign policy speech on ‘Restoring America’s Place in the World’

A senior administration official said in a speech on Monday that President Joe Biden was expected to outline his foreign policy vision of “restoring America’s place in the world.”

This will mark Biden’s first major policy address since taking office, and the official said it could happen during a planned trip to the State Department to thank staff. The president is also expected to sign off on a number of administrative actions related to his efforts to demonstrate a new US approach on the world stage, including the creation of a task force to reunite separated immigrant families under the previous administration.

Biden faces foreign policy challenges ranging from Iran and North Korea, which began 20 years before the fall, to wars in Russia, China and Afghanistan.

He was a vocal critic of former President Donald Trump’s foreign policy during the 2020 campaign, promising dramatic change if he won the election, including a pledge to improve US allies and confront adversaries such as Russia.

In his first call since taking office with Russian President Vladimir Putin this week, Biden raised a number of ideas, including a five-year extension of Moscow’s electoral intervention and strategic disarmament agreement between the two countries.

He has already rejoined the Paris Agreement on Climate Change after Trump expelled the United States from the international agreement, and rejoined the World Health Organization after Trump began the process of withdrawal. Biden has said he plans to re-engage Iran diplomatically in changing his predecessor.

Biden has also vowed to continue to challenge China, which is a cornerstone of Trump’s “US-first” foreign policy.

When announcing some key members of his National Security Council in November, Biden said, “The United States is back. Is ready to lead the world and not shy away from it. Again, sit at the head of the table. We are ready to face our enemies, not to reject our allies, but to stand up for our values. ”

Biden is scheduled to visit the State Department on Monday to meet with Secretary of State Tony Blingen, White House Press Secretary Jen Zaki told reporters on Friday. Speaking to Foreign Office staff this week, he said the desire of foreign allies was “almost clear” that the United States wanted more involvement on the world stage.

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