Biden warns of 600,000 Govt deaths in US – News

The new president gave his highest estimate of its final figure as it accelerated federal aid.

The Chinese city of Wuhan on Saturday marked a year since its shocking 76-day corona virus lockdown began, while outbreaks erupted elsewhere, with US President Joe Biden warning that the death toll in the United States could exceed 600,000.

Traffic was congested, sidewalks were bustling, and citizens filled Wuhan with parks and public transportation, underscoring the amount recovered in the more than 11 million metropolitan area.

As the spread of the virus accelerated elsewhere, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said a new strain that appeared in the UK was more dangerous and contagious than the one that threatened Wuhan a year ago.

“Not only is it spreading rapidly, but it now appears that there is some evidence that the new variant … may be associated with higher mortality,” Johnson told a news conference.

The news comes after the variant was first identified in the southeastern UK in September and has been added to UK registered deaths and hospitals since Govt-19.

The country’s death toll – 95,981 as of Friday – is the highest in Europe.

In the worst-affected United States in the world, the new president gave the highest estimate of its final figure as it accelerated federal aid.

“The virus is on the rise,” President Biden told a news conference. “We have 400,000 people dead and it is expected to reach more than 600,000.”

Worldwide, the virus has killed more than two million people, affected tens of thousands and hit economies.

There were new signs of the depth of damage to the global economy, with the meticulously observed Purchasing Managers’ Index showing that Europe was moving towards a new recession, while Latin America experienced its sharpest decline in foreign trade since the global financial crisis.

Origin study

In Wuhan, a team of World Health Organization experts was in hotel isolation prior to the task of investigating the source of the virus, and the body said it was too soon to conclude whether the infection had actually started there.

WHO Emergency Director Michael Ryan told a news conference in Geneva that “all hypotheses are on the table.”

“Where did this virus start, with or without China coming to an end certainly very soon.”

Beijing is built on the study that brings the team to its viral story, giving the idea that the epidemic has started outside its borders.

When the Wuhanites looked back at their prison from a year away, Hong Kong was the first to lock down its epidemic, with the government ordering thousands of residents to stay home as it fought the eruption in one of its poorest and most densely populated districts. .

The order prohibits them from leaving their homes if they fail to show a negative test within several housing blocks near Jordan – about 150 blocks and up to 9,000, according to local media.

Countries around the world brought new measures on Saturday, including the Netherlands, which was about to introduce its first curfew order after World War II.

Until February 19, residents will have to stay home from 9pm to 4:30am, as they will be fined 95 euros ($ 115).

In the Colombian capital, Bogot, residents were under isolation for the third consecutive weekend, with eight million non-essential shops in the city to be closed from 8:00 pm on Friday to 4:00 am on Monday.

Vaccination milling

As the pace of vaccine rolling around the world increased, Hungary announced that it would go it alone and buy two million doses of the Sputnik V vaccine in Russia, frustrated by the dramatic strategy of buying bulk shots on behalf of EU members.

“It doesn’t matter if the cat is black or white, as long as it catches the mouse,” Orban said of the different vaccines, which were rolled out before large-scale clinical trials, despite the militancy from some experts regarding Sputnik V.

Brazil, meanwhile, received two million doses of the different jabin developed by the British pharmaceutical company AstroGeneca and the University of Oxford.

The World Health Organization has repeatedly warned that rich countries are using vaccines.

“The only way to end the epidemic is to end the epidemic,” said WHO President Tetros Adonom Caprais.

A separate agreement standardized by international organizations working with the WHO will provide tens of thousands of rapid antigen tests to developing countries at a regular cost of $ 5.

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