Building collapse kills 4 in Miami, 159 missing

Rescuers are desperately searching for survivors of the rubble of a collapsed 12-story building in Miami, USA. As of Friday, four people had been killed and 159 were missing, the county mayor was quoted as saying by AFP. And 120 people were found.

A 12-story building collapsed in the Surfside area near Miami, Florida, on Thursday. Many families are waiting to get the news of the missing persons. Rescue workers are working day and night. They can feel the vibrancy of human survival under the rubble.

The BBC reports that the exact number of detainees is still unknown. Police say the building was built in 1980. It had 130 units. Half of the units were damaged due to the landslide. Exactly how many people were present in the building at the time of the collapse is not known. Another new building has been constructed next to this building. Exactly what caused the building to collapse is not yet known. After the crash, Miami-Dead County Deputy Commissioner Sally Heiman said it was not possible to contact the 51 people living in the building at an early stage.

Many people lived in this building permanently. Again, there are many who come and stay there during the winter. “We’re still waiting,” Sally Heyman told CNN.

The Surfside Fire Department said 35 people had been rescued. They are being treated in different hospitals. Trained dogs and drones are being used in the rescue operation. They are trying to rescue the injured by building a tunnel from an underground car park under the building. A state of emergency has been declared.
President Joe Biden has declared a state of emergency in Florida over the incident. This means that the Federal Emergency Management Agency will now assist the state’s emergency services in relief efforts. “I want to tell the people of Florida that the government will give them whatever help they need,” Biden said.

Miami police officer Freddie Ramirez said firefighters and rescuers were working with the search team. They will continue to work at night. They will not stop working. Due to continuous rain and stormy weather, rescue work has become more difficult.

Authorities have begun collecting DNA samples from relatives of missing persons. Rescue workers have already noticed the survival of the people. But you can’t hear anyone inside the rubble. However, authorities say it is dangerous to carry out rescue operations in this situation.

Jadallah, chief of the fire service involved in the rescue operation, said a small fire broke out during the rescue operation. However, it is extinguished within 20 minutes. Cameras and trained dogs have been used in the rescue operation. However, the process is slow.

Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett told a news conference the rear of the building had completely collapsed.

Florida Gov. Ron Desantis visited the scene Thursday afternoon local time. He said there was still a fire burning there. Rescue work is underway.

About 160 people were still unaccounted for Friday a day after an oceanside condominium building collapsed into a pile of rubble, and searchers combing through a twisted, shifting pile of concrete and metal feared the death toll of at least four could go much higher.

With scores of firefighters working overnight to reach any possible survivors both from under and atop the remains of the building, hopes rested on how quickly crews using dogs and microphones to sift through the wreckage could complete their grim, yet delicate task.

“Every time we hear a sound, we concentrate on those areas,” said Assistant Miami-Dade Fire Chief Raide Jadallah.

Pelted by intermittent rain showers, two heavy cranes began removing debris from the pile using large claws Friday morning, creating a din of crashing glass and metal as they picked up material and dumped it to the side. Once the machines paused, fire crews moved in to remove smaller pieces by hand.

Amid the work, Fayda

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