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The three former presidents show what unity is like

Former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton came to deliver a video message to all Americans, not just their successors, following Donald Trump’s presidency.

“If Americans love their neighbors as much as they love themselves, a lot of divisions in our society will end,” Bush said.

“This is what it means,” Clinton added. “This is a new beginning. Everyone should get off their high horse and reach out to their friends and neighbors.”

The trio said the possibility of three presidents, two Democrats and a Republican coming together was a sign that Americans could win anything if they worked together.

“It’s more common for us as Americans than it is for us to be divided,” Obama said.

Vice President Harris on ‘American Ambition’

Standing in front of the reflective pool, Vice President Kamala Harris briefly departed from the theme of unity and celebrated the “American Aspiration”.

“Not only do we see what we were, we see what could be,” he said. “We are brave, fearless and ambitious. We are not afraid in the hope that we will win and we will rise. This is the American aspiration.”

Harris invited those who came before him, including President Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. and women who fought for the right to vote.

“A better experiment will take a lot of determination, a desire to get the job done and then the wisdom to keep refining, tinkering and completing,” he said.

Renowned chef Jose Andres focuses on food insecurity in the United States

Renowned chef Jose Andres, a Washington native who focuses on food insecurity in the United States, said one in four people is currently experiencing hunger.

Andres, a Spanish immigrant, has been a vocal advocate for helping those in need through his organization, World Central Kitchen, which has been serving fresh food to the National Guard, which was sent to Washington prior to the launch. He also personally helped Serve the pizza To members of the National Guard and law enforcement officers stationed near the Capitol on the night of the January 6 riots.

“As a chef, I believe that food is not a luxury for some lucky people – it is a basic human right to get rid of hunger,” he said. “But today, we have a hunger crisis in the United States.”

Biden takes the stage, calling for unity and Martin Luther King Jr..

President Joe Biden recalled Martin Luther King Jr., who spoke on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington in March 1963, and delivered his famous “A Dream for Me” speech amid racial censuses across the country.

“There are moments in our history that ask us more as Americans,” Biden said, releasing a bust of King now sitting in the Oval Office. “We’re in one of those moments now.”

He pointed to the many crises facing the country, including the corona virus infection, climate change and racial inequality.

“Are we ready for that?” Biden asked. “Will we meet this moment like our forefathers? I hope we have, I hope we will.”

Senior FBI officer: Biden showed no signs of dissatisfaction with him

White House spokeswoman Jen Sackie raised eyebrows in law enforcement and intelligence circles when asked by NBC News’ Peter Alexander that President Biden had confidence in FBI Director Christopher Vare.

A senior FBI agent said tonight that Wray had not been given any indication that Biden or his team were dissatisfied with him and that “all shared sentiments were positive.”

FBI directors serve for 10 years, designed to protect a degree of independence, but as we have all learned, they can be removed by the president. In recent months Vare and those around him have been very worried that Trump will remove him. Questions about the FBI’s handling of intelligence gathered before January 6 are a question worthy of further reporting as to whether it has affected Root’s future in a Biden administration.

Some influential voices are important. For example, the Obama administration’s senior judicial official, David Laughman, has called on the FBI to prevent domestic terrorism, and said, “It is not clear that the FBI used the emergency, national leadership needed to increase Capitol’s security. ”

Harris’ move to the traditional vice president’s house was delayed

Vice President Kamala Harris will delay entering the Navy lab, the traditional home of the vice president, while a 128-year-old home is undergoing repairs, an aide to Harris said.

The assistant has no date estimated action. Repairs include chimney and other home maintenance work.

Former Vice President Mike Pence vacated the house this afternoon. Harris and her husband, Doug Mhoff, own a home in Washington, D.C. The news was first reported by CBS.

‘That’s Caesar Chavez!’: Enthusiasm for Civil Rights Icon Behind President Biden

The bust of civil and labor rights leader Caesar Chavez behind President Joe Biden sparked excitement among Latinos at the historic moment.

“I actually jumped out of my chair and shouted: ‘That’s Caesar Chavez! Caesar Chavez!'”

Chavez’s bust sits on a console between family photos behind Biden as he sits at a desk desk in the office of newly-elected President Oval and signs executive orders, including racial equality and another, to fight the Govt-19 epidemic. Chavez behaved cruelly to the victorious farm workers.

The bust quickly gained attention on social media – and was praised by the Chavez family. “Placing my father’s bust in the Oval Office marks a new day for our nation,” said Paul Chavez, the son of a civil rights icon.

Read the full story.

Tom Hanks kicks off the inauguration celebration with bad news

Actor Tom Hanks kicked off the inauguration night in a different way. Rather than feasting in the evening from a ballroom full of balloons and celebrations, he spoke casually in front of the Lincoln Memorial, saying tonight was “a testament to the permanence of our American ideal.”

“The last few weeks and the last few years we have seen deep divisions and chaotic anger in our land,” he said. “Tonight we think of the United States of America, the practice of our democracy, the foundations of our republic, the integrity of our constitution, the hopes and dreams we all share for a more complete union.”

Hanks and his wife, actor Rita Wilson, were the first big celebrities to announce the signing of the Corona virus last year. His presence tonight underscores the new administration’s commitment to dealing with the current epidemic.

Daily Interpretations … will be daily, says White House Press Secretary Jen Zaki

White House Press Secretary Jen Zhaki was determined to resume daily news conferences at her first formal conference on Wednesday evening, citing President Joe Biden’s commitment to telling the truth and preventing the spread of misinformation.

Biden’s goal and his commitment is to bring transparency and truth back to the government and share the truth even when it’s hard to hear, “Sackie said from the conference podium.

Saki said he plans to not only re-establish daily interpretations, but also bring back explanations with public health officials who can talk about the Covit-19 crisis in a “reliable way with data.”

Sackie’s comments are a sharp break from the Trump administration’s practice, when press secretaries rarely appear to ask questions, and sometimes months can go by without proper explanation.

When they appeared, many used the platform to dispel misinformation and to attack the media and political opponents of former President Donald Trump.

U.S. ambassadors call for re-engagement with WHO on Biden administration’s first foreign ministry cable

The State Department has instructed US diplomats to reconnect with the World Health Organization on the first foreign-level cable sent since the departure of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

In a memo received by NBC News, Acting Secretary of State Dan Smith tells US embassies to “resume routine engagement” and reverses the Trump administration’s decision to recall U.S. workers. This cable was first introduced to CNN.

“U.S. departments and agencies are advised to end the shortage of U.S. staff at the WHO, to involve U.S. government employees regularly with the WHO, and to seek to fulfill our financial obligations to the organization,” the memo said.

U.S. positions were instructed to look forward to further information on the United States’ position on the international body and guidance on the country’s role in this week’s WHO Executive Committee.

Smith’s second cable soon told all U.S. posts that the previous guideline for delegates to participate in international conferences was “immediately null and void” and that a new process could be expected to run immediately.

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