March 7, 2021

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Cory Trump issues orders for new US federal buildings to be ‘beautiful’

Donald Trump on Monday ordered all new U.S. federal buildings to be “beautiful,” in a long-awaited executive order that encouraged architectural modernity, but stopped demanding that all such projects be classical in style.

Pulitzer Prize-winning architect Paul Goldberger called the order “mostly symbolic” and “an opportunity” [for Trump] To throw another grenade on the way to the door ”.

When the draft of this order first came out, in February, critics responded Horror By forcing the return to the “classical architectural style” to the promise of “transforming federal buildings into beautiful ones”.

Both the American Architectural Institute and the National Foundation for the Preservation of History objected, with Goldberger telling the Guardian that the issue “does not apply to classical architecture,” but that “the order of official style does not fully comply with liberalism in the 21st century.”

Ten months later, when the term of Trump was over, the completed order came.

Its text exemplifies examples of classical American public architecture The second largest bank in the United States in Philadelphia, The Pioneer Court in Portland, Oregon, And this Durkot Marshall United States Courthouse In New York City ”.

“In Washington D.C.,” classical buildings such as the White House, the Capitol building, the Supreme Court, the Treasury Department and the Lincoln Memorial have become iconic symbols of our governmental system. “

It laments the buildings built since the 1950s, “from the unidentified to the designers [the General Services Administration] Many in the public now consider it unpleasant. “

“Promoting classical and traditional architecture does not preclude the use of other architecture where appropriate,” the order states. “However, all federal building designs must ensure that the public pays homage to the beauty and visual metaphor of American policy.”

Claiming to seek public and employee input into GSA designs, the order establishes the “Presidential Council for the Promotion of Federal Civic Architecture” which means to the police if it does not completely ban any federal project “in this order, from brutal or deconstructive architecture or this type of architecture. Including any related design ”.

His career in real estate developments has been marked by an overabundance of love for gold, gild, black marble and baroque, not to mention Brutal treatment of beloved old buildings, Is said to be in love with Trump’s classics Attracted critical comment.

Atrium of the Trump Tower in New York.

Atrium of the Trump Tower in New York. Photo: KFS / ImageBroker / Rex / Shutterstock

Some federal projects in the neoclassical style Launched But Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20 could spell the end of Trump’s attempt to properly erect “beautiful” buildings.

On Monday, Goldberger Wrote on Twitter: “This is weakened from the original plan, which in most cases is symbolic, a chance to drop another grenade on the way out the door. I don’t think it’s much. Unlike a last-minute apology, the next administration may reduce or modify its impact. ”

Prior to the order, Tina Titus of Nevada, a member of Congress Democrats, Introduced the law Stop blocking GSA from modern designs.

“Imposing a preferred architectural style for federal facilities is against the democratic traditions of our country,” Titus wrote in a letter to GSA executive Emily Murphy. Bloomberg News Report.

“It would be even worse to try to implement this misguidance from Washington, D.C., for decades without any public notice or inquiry, except for Congress.”