Covid-19: Joe Biden mentions 1.5m jobs a day – but warns US death toll could exceed 600,000 | U.S. News

Joe Biden has suggested that an average of 1.5 million Americans could be vaccinated a day – but warned that the country’s growing COVID death toll could still be over 600,000.

In the past week the United States has given a million doses a day, but The new president Stressed: “I think we can get 1.5 million a day, rather than one million a day.”

He added that he expects vaccines for Americans to become widely available in the spring, adding that the United States is “on its way to herd immunity” to end the epidemic in the summer.

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President’s bad warning to Americans

Despite this, he warned that the nation would remain “for a while” and that “we could see 600,000 to 660,000 deaths before we start turning the corner in a major way”.

Already, more than 420,000 Americans have died Corona virus.

Mr Biden hopes to speed things up COVID-19 Vaccines came after he signed an executive order to increase government procurement from U.S. manufacturers Modern.

Meanwhile, Mr Biden is still struggling to get his 9 1.9trn stimulus package through Congress.

If successful, it will fund a national immunization program, help reopen schools, pay 4,400 directly to individuals and provide financial relief to state and local governments.

“Time is of the essence,” the president said. “I’m reluctant to pick cherry-big and one or two stuff here.”

The president’s committee convened on Sunday with at least a dozen senators.

“There is an urgency to move it forward and he is confident that there will be progress in the next two weeks,” said Jen Saki, the White House press secretary.

He warned that action must be taken before the US reaches a “unemployment slump” in March, when long-term benefits for millions of Americans expire.

White House Press Secretary Jen Zaki speaks to reporters at the White House in Washington, DC, January 25, 2021.  REUTERS / Kevin Lamarck
White House Press Secretary Jen Zaki speaks to reporters Monday

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But some Republicans have no confidence.

Maine Senator Susan Collins said after Sunday’s call that “it seems foresight to consider a package of this size and purpose.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said, “Any action must be prudent and targeted, not just an inaccurate flood of borrowed money, it will pay huge sums to those in need.”

In addition to recommending a new vaccine target, Mr Biden on Monday revoked Trump’s ban on transgender people from joining the U.S. military and renewed several Govt-related travel bans – Including arrival from the UK.

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