December has been the deadliest and most contagious month since the outbreak

The United States has closed 2020 as the worst and most contagious month since the onset of the corona virus outbreak, with more than 20 million confirmed Govt-19 cases.

More than 77,000 people lost their lives to Covit-19 in December, while 6.4 million people were infected with the virus. Delayed attempts to vaccinate people. The second deadliest month was April 2020, in which more than 58,000 people died.

At least 227,651 new cases were reported on Thursday, killing 3,451 people, the second highest daily death toll, NBC News estimates.

The virus has killed more than 346,000 people in the United States

At least four cases of the new Covid-19 variant first detected in the United Kingdom have been reported in Colorado, California and Florida. However, Dr. Mercedes Cornettan, vice president of preventive medicine at Northwestern University, said experts “believe this variation is now ubiquitous.”

This variation “appears to affect adults under the age of 20,” Carnethan told MSNP. “The reason this is so important is that this younger adult population is more in circulation. They do some essential roles like supply work, factory work, they are usually in the population, and that population is not vaccinated quickly.”

Although the Trump administration aims to vaccinate at least 20 million people at the start of the new year, only about 2.8 million people have been vaccinated since mid-December. Officials in the states, who understand the rising number of cases, said the lack of trained staff to administer the vaccines contributed to the delay.

Even with the availability of vaccines, the cases are sure to continue to grow, and another surge is expected in the weeks leading up to Christmas and New Year.

Thursday became the second day in a row that New York broke the daily record for new cases with 15,700. As the government prepares to report more than a million of its cases on Saturday, officials hope to vaccinate at least 1 million people this month.

The state of Virginia also reached a one-day record Thursday with 5,239 new cases.

In California, the number of hospitals has increased almost eightfold in two months, more than eight times in Los Angeles County. Hospitals are a swamp with patients and temporary wards have been set up in tents, arenas and classrooms due to the lack of beds for Kovit-19 patients in the intensive care units and the lack of space in most hospitals.

Florida Health Department medical workers are set to administer the COVID-19 vaccine to seniors on December 31, 2020 at the Gulf View Square Mall parking lot in New Port Richie, near Tampa, Florida.Octavio Jones / Reuters

On Thursday, the total death toll in California exceeded 25,000, making it the third state to cross that milestone, along with New York and Texas.

Barbara Ferrer, Los Angeles County Director of Public Health, said: “If we had done a better job of reducing the spread of the virus, it would have been very heartbreaking.

The states of Nevada, North Carolina and Wyoming also set new single-day records for corona virus deaths on Thursday – 59, 123 and 33, respectively.

Joe Murphy and the Associated Press Contributed.

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