Different Colour Roses and Best Occasions to Gift Them

Flowers have always been an essential part of our celebrations. They help us express our love attraction devotion and other emotions to the ones we love. Time and again, we set out in search of that perfect flower that perfectly depicts our expressions. Different flowers have different meanings based on the colour they have, the number of flowers in the arrangement, the type of flowers and so on. They teach us the purpose of giving, with their beauty and charm they have so much to offer us. So let’s dive in the beautiful world of flowers.

Talking about the flowers, which flower, do you think best represents your love towards someone. Since ages people have been obsessed with roses, especially red ones, they have been an integral part of every relationship starting from the proposal and in all the beautiful moments that follow. In Greek and Roman cultures, they are associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love and passion. They can even be used as happy birthday flowers. The roses family have around 150 species and have richly spread all across the northern Hemisphere, but they were primarily brought into our gardens by Chinese about 5000 years ago. 

But just like many other flowers, the meaning of Roses depends on the colours of the petals. Different colour Roses different emotions which we will dive further into this article. 

Red Rosés:

The classic red roses have been one of the best representations of the power that a flower holds, so much so that it has a day specifically dedicated to them. They are the best gifts on Valentine’s Day and universally loved as a token of passionate love. It is this universal acceptance that doesn’t need any words to express us. When we receive a bouquet of red roses, it is almost instantly clear that the other person either has a crush on us or wants us to be in their life. It is said that when you approach someone with a huge bouquet of red roses, the chances of getting a yes increases. 

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses have long been associated with the emotion of friendship and care. Sending yellow roses to a friend is an easy and kind way to show them that you care about them. It talks about looking for hope and growing good relationships with your friends. No matter what stage you are at, a yellow rose with your friend can always step up your friendship game. Now, you don’t need to spend a ton on making people around you realise the love you have for them.

Pink Roses

Pink roses are a beauty in themselves, the velvety petals and the vibrant pink colour go perfectly hand in hand to create heaven to the eye of the beholder. They are gifted to express the feelings of grace, joy and gratitude. Overall this is an excellent way to let the other person know that you admire or look up to them. Among the pink roses, there are some variations in colours with symbolisms of their own such as a dark Pink is a way of saying thank you or for expressing your gratitude. In contrast, light pink is a sign of gentleness, especially when given on sensitive occasions. 

White Roses:

Most of you might be aware of the association of colour White with peace and purity. Going through the same lines a white rose represents purity, chastity and innocence and is usually given in on weddings or other auspicious occasions. Apart from peace and purity, white roses are also a great representation of respect to another human being. They can also be given In hospitals as the symbol of a speedy recovery.

Orange Roses:

Orange flowers symbolise enthusiasm and enthusiasm, making it a creative place for roses for Valentine’s Day and other holidays when people usually buy red roses. Sending orange blossoms transmits romance. This makes orange roses a safe bet for the budding stages of your relationship, but also offers a variety from the red carpet to a long-term relationship. 

Purple Roses:

Purple flowers are not as commonly found as the other roses on our list. They specifically denote fascination or adoration towards a person. If you are in love with someone but are sceptical of their love towards you, this might be the best pick for you. 

Wrapping it up, each flower is a blessing to humanity. The charm, love and care that they hold in their little soft petals are beyond words. Let it be happy birthday flowers online, Valentine’s Day flowers, wedding day flowers, or any other, and roses can fit right into any category. Now that you know what each rose means, you can set out to give the loved ones a heartfelt present in your life. 


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