March 7, 2021

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Donald Trump expects more apology from allies in the frenzied final month | American News

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Donald Trump is expected to issue a bold apology to allies and supporters in the frenzied final month as US president.

Trump has caused outrage at home and abroad with dozens of apologies, including those of four former government contractors convicted in the 2007 Baghdad massacre, in which a dozen Iraqi civilians were killed. Wednesday’s apology includes close political allies Roger Stone and Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort and his own nephew’s father and top adviser, Jared Kushner and Charles Kushner.

Manafort and Stone’s apology rewarded two of Trump ‘s worst former advisers, both of whom were convicted of crimes after being indicted by special adviser Robert Mueller, who investigated Russian involvement in the 2016 campaign.

Critics have warned that the apocalyptic flood is still possible The beginning. Trump is said to be considering further interventions on behalf of aides, friends and family members who believe he has been unjustly imprisoned, convicted or in legal danger in the weeks leading up to his presidency.

Trump’s ties with Russia on Tuesday pardoned two convicted former Republican congressmen and, perhaps most controversially, four special security guards who worked for a private security firm in Iraq.

Nicholas Sloton, Paul Sluff, Evan Liberty and Dustin Heard all served long prison terms. Prosecutors allege that in September 2007, men fired indiscriminately in Baghdad’s Nisur Square, using machine guns and grenades to carry out an unprovoked attack on a busy traffic circle.

Iraqis condemned the act of mercy as a betrayal of Western allies. Ali Bioti of the Iraqi Human Rights Commission told the AFP news agency: They claim to protect human rights but also provide immunity to their soldiers. ”

Critics in the United States point out that the four worked for Blackwater, founded by Eric Prince, one of Trump’s longtime supporters and allies. Prince is the brother of Betsy Divos, Secretary of Education.

Hina Shamsi, director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s national security program, said the shooting “caused disaster in Iraq, humiliation in the United States and horror and global corruption.” President Trump is insulting the memory of the Iraqi victims and further defaming his office. ”

In 2016, three Republican congressmen were pardoned, including the first two who endorsed Trump’s presidential campaign. Duncan Hunter pleaded guilty last year to misusing campaign funds and was sentenced to 11 months in prison. Chris Collins pleaded guilty last year to conspiracy to defraud the bond and made false statements to the FBI and is serving his 26-month prison sentence.

The president also endorsed former campaign aide George Papadopoulos, who pleaded guilty in 2017 to lying to FBI agents about the timing and importance of his contacts with people claiming to have ties to former Russian officials.

Trump apologizes to former Congressman Duncan Hunter.

Trump apologizes to former Congressman Duncan Hunter. Photo: Denise Borai / A.P.

He also pardoned Alex van der Swan, who was sentenced to 30 days in prison and fined $ 20,000 for lying to Mல்லller’s investigators about contacts with an official during Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Trump has previously issued divisive apologies, including to his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, for admitting he lied to the FBI, but Tuesday’s volume was seen as crossing a new moral fortitude and drew strong condemnation.

Nova Bookbinder, executive director of Citizens’ Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, D.C., said: “Donald Trump has many shameful, vexatious views on how he and his allies can benefit from the presidency, but nothing could be worse than these apologies. ”

The Democratic National Committee said in a statement: “Christmas has come early for personal relationships with Trump and the criminals who serve his political interests.”

Eager to test the loyalty of Republican allies, Trump was pardoned within the last four weeks of his term. He regretted the Apple carton on Tuesday, threatening to derail the $ 900 billion corona virus relief package, and negotiating several months with Congress to pay $ 2,000 to U.S. citizens instead of the agreed $ 600.

Trump is pushing Republicans to cancel the presidential election when Congress convenes on Jan. 6 to approve the results of the Electoral College. Trump’s apology to Democrat Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Investigative Committee, usually tells CNN: “If you lie for me, if you are loyal to me, I will abuse my power to protect you.”

Trump is not the first president to exploit what appears to be a unique force in the presidency. On the last day of his tenure, Bill Clinton apologized to Mark Rich, a businessman accused of tax evasion and illegal trade, which the New York Times editorial called “a shocking abuse of presidential power.”

But Trump went further: nine out of 10 apologies he made were for people who could demand personal relations with him or give him political gain. Some observers suspect that more are yet to come, including those who were pre-elected for him – the constitutional law would be highly controversial – and his family.

Alan Litchman, a professor of history at the American University in Washington, D.C., said: “Trump has already broken many American traditions, and I do not know if what he is doing with forgiveness will set a precedent for future presidents. For example, I don’t think Biden is going to follow any Trump example. ”