Donald Trump Jr. slapped transgender athletes at a rally before the DC riots

Just hours before pro-Trump protesters attacked U.S. Capitol, Donald Trump Jr. attacked transgender female athletes in a detailed speech on Wednesday.

After thanking participants for “being in this fight with us” and “standing up for the bull,” Trump said “Amen and a woman,” said Representative Emanuel Cleaver, de-Mo. Sunday is the first daily prayer of the New Congress.

He used that idea to point out in a recent study that transgender people retain an athletic advantage over their cisgender peers even after one year of hormone therapy.

“It shows the mindset of where the Democrats are,” Trump said NBC News retweeted the article about the study. “They spent money yesterday on a study that came to the incredible conclusion that trans women who play women’s games have a competitive advantage.”

“No s —!” He shouted. “Who could have seen it coming?”

At the time, Fox News, which had covered the rally, cut off the feed and returned to anchor Sandra Smith, according to a captured clip. Presented by Daily Beast Editor Justin Paragon.

A statement British Journal of Sports Medicine The first two years of starting estrogen and testosterone inhibitors showed that transgender people were able to make 10 percent more flowers and 6 percent more chits.

Timothy Roberts, the lead author of the study, denied that Democrats or anyone else was funding the report. “This was done in addition to our normal duties as a service to our patients,” he said.

Roberts and his colleagues reviewed current medical records and fitness test ratings of U.S. Air Force members who initiated or continued treatment-related treatment while in service and collected data.

Under the current International Olympic Committee guidelines, transgender female athletes must have at least one year to compete in testosterone blockers, but that is not enough, Roberts said.

“I would say two years is more realistic than one year, at the Olympic level, at the elite level,” he previously told NBC News. “In a year, trans women have an advantage over average cis women. They do.”

He said a one-year waiting period is sufficient for student athletes and non-profit leagues.

“A lot of people play in recreational sports, very few are pros, so let them play,” he said. Roberts said he was pleased that Trump Jr. chose to “recognize and promote our work.”

“I encourage everyone to read the article for a more nuanced view of our findings,” he said.

At the rally, Trump Jr.. Complaint The United States “gave Pakistan $ 10 million for sex studies … and billions of places driven by the madness of the left.”

“Nobody cares how you are identified, but you don’t have to do the following nonsense,” she said, before asking why feminists don’t talk about “men dominate women’s sports”.

After Trump Jr. and his father addressed the crowd, hundreds of Trump supporters rallied the capital, forced Congress out, and brought Vice President Mike Pence to the defense. At least four people were killed and dozens more were arrested in what became known as the Cold War. DC Mayor Muriel Bowser issued a 12-hour curfew overnight.

Rodrigo Heng-Lehtinen, deputy executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, called Trump Jr.’s comments “another desperate attempt to cling to power by villainizing others.”

“Transgender people live in every country and in every community in this country. We are neighbors, friends and family, ”he said. “But the extremists in the Sacrifice of Power, along with transgender people and other marginalized people, must distract us from failing to rule effectively. They are attacking more than lead. That is why the electorate has chosen a new direction towards a government that respects each other’s humanity.”

Said Sarah Kate Ellis, President of Happiness and CEO Wrap “Targeting transgender people is not only pathetic and cruel, it is a lost political strategy.”

After losing interest in so-called bathroom bills, Republicans tried to turn transgender athletes into a wedge issue.

In Congress, sen. Kelly Lofler, R-Co., Sponsored S.4649, The “Protection of Sports Girls and Girls Act”, which would reduce federal funding for any school, allowing a male-born male to compete in women’s athletics.

Lofler, who was appointed to his seat a year ago, lost to Democrat Rafael Warnock in a special election on Tuesday.

In March, the Idaho government signed Brad Little, a Republican Honesty in the Girls Sports Act, Which prohibits transgender athletes from competing in school sports that match their gender identity.

The case is now before the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, after the lower court blocked it from taking effect in August.

Ellis says at least 18 states have policies that explicitly allow transgender people to participate in school sports. “There is no evidence … that admission negatively affects athletic programs,” he said.

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