March 7, 2021

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Female scouts accuse recruitment war tactics of ‘damaging’ boy scouts US News

Female scouts are in a “very damaging” recruitment battle with boy scouts, the latter opening up its vital services to girls, which has led to market chaos and some women unknowingly joining boy scouts, lawyers for the century-old female scout organization say in court documents.

More than reality two years ago, the competition intensified as the Boy Scouts of America organization – which underscores the promise of recruiting as “trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, respectful and kind” – recently unjustly recruited girls in a lawsuit filed on behalf of female scouts in the United States In summaries.

Prosecutors filed documents in federal court in Manhattan on Thursday to thwart an attempt by Boy Scouts to throw out a female trade scandal filed in 2018 before a trial of a trademark infringement case.

Last month, lawyers for Boy Scouts asked a judge to reject the claim that Boy Scouts cannot use “scouts” and “scouts” in recruiting girls without violating trademarks. They called the case “completely ineligible.”

Boy Scouts pointed to legal arguments on Saturday, accusing female scouts of responding to its expansion plans with “anger and warning”, and said female scouts had launched a “ground war” to thwart Boy Scouts’ plans to add more girls. .

In a statement, Boy Scouts said they were expanding program offerings for girls “after many years of family requests,” for reasons other than their desire for their little girls to participate in its character and leadership programs or to become Eagle Scouts.

“We appreciate every organization that develops character and leadership in children, including female scouts in the United States, and hope that all families and communities will benefit from the opportunity to choose programs that best suit their needs,” the statement said.

The female scouts said the sale of the extended services to the girls by the boy scouts was “unusual and very harmful to the female scouts” and caused an “explosion of chaos”.

“As a result of the Boy Scouts’ violation, parents mistakenly included their daughters in the Boy Scouts thinking they were Girl Scouts, ”prosecutors said, adding that this had never happened before 2018.

After the boy scouts targeted the girls and their parents, the women scouts said they could prove that there was “confusion and misconduct between the boy scouts and the female scouts”.

In its statement, the Boy Scouts said: “Not only is it wrong to point out that confusion is a practical reason for their choice – there is no legally acceptable case in this case – but it rejects the results of the Cup Scouts or Scouts More than 120,000 women who joined the PSA and Young women have had these programs ever since. ”

The organization cited evidence from a narrow subcommittee of documents changed by 19 of the 250 local Boy Scout Councils, including evidence that the registration fee was sometimes returned to parents, who mistakenly thought they had registered the girls for female scouts.

It said repeated chaos and interruptions at the local level by boy scouts were a small part of the nationwide occurrence. Both female scouts and boy scouts, like other major youth organizations, have grown into a contagious contagion from sports leagues and busy family tables as membership numbers have been declining in recent years.

In the spring of 2018, the Boy Scouts program for 11 to 17 year olds announced that it would change its name to Scouts PSA in early 2019. The parent organization, the Boy Scouts of America, and the Cup Scouts, the service provided to children from the fifth grade to the kindergarten, kept their names.
The organization began enrolling girls in cup scouts in August 2018, and prosecutors said the scouts began accepting girls in February 2019 at PSA.