Few Popular Game Names For You All To Play

Who does want to play some exciting games when they are free? There is none, who will say no to play games after a hectic scheduling work. You can some entertaining games at your home, school, colleges or at offices as well. If you are large in a number then you can play those games where every one of you can take participate. However, there are so many games are available and popular as well among the people.

You all can play those games with your friends or family members. Even fun dice games can offer you some fun moment as well. People can play the dice games alone or can make a pair as well to play. The dice games are very much popular from our early days. People always find this game very much entertaining as well. It is always have some fun if you play the dice games in groups.

However, there are so many other games as well which anyone can play to pass the lazy times. The best way to remove all the whole day’s stress is to play some exciting games and enjoy the moment as well. 

5 Games To Play In Your Free Time

Now we will discuss on some of the game names, which you all can play if you are a small group. Let us now see the games name here in little details.

1. ABC Challenge

This game is best for all the small group people to play. Here in this game, one will have to choose a particular category and then on a paper will have to write the entire alphabet. After that, you will have to write names with those alphabets on that category as soon as possible. The fast you will complete the task with the maximum numbers of names with the alphabet. However, sometimes this game limits the time for the game to finish the whole task. 

2. Balls In A Bucket

This is another one of the popular games which small group of people can play if they want. This is really an amazing game to kill your lazy times in the office parties or in picnic spots as well. However, to play this game, you will be blindfolded and will have to hold a spoon on your mouth. After that, you will have to put the cotton balls in the bucket without seeing anything. If you do this task successfully then you will win the game. 

3. Wiggle Away Relay

Besides that, if you want to play games then you can play this as well. For playing this game, you will have to divide into groups. There will be some ping-pong ball in a box. Without toughing them and using your hips you and your team members will have to empty the box. The quick you and your team will do it, you will win the game. 

4. Don’t Do It

In this particular game, a person will give direction or to ask you to do something to the all participants. However, you will have to do exactly the opposite things, which is asked by the person. If you failed to do it then you will be out from the game. The participant will stand last and do all the things correctly; he or she will win the game. 

5. Tug Of War

There will be a rope and both the team will have to hold the rope tightly and then pull towards each other. The team who will pull opposite team completely on their side will win the game. 


Therefore, here are some of the popular game names for you all which you can play as well if you have few people in your team. 

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