March 7, 2021

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Florida Unusually Cold Christmas – and Fallen Iguanas | American News

With unexpectedly cold weather forecasts and curfew-related curfews in some places, Florida is about to celebrate a Christmas unlike any other – and this could include fallen iguanas.

The National Weather Service has warned that South Florida could experience its coldest Christmas day in 21 years, with mornings between 30 and 40 (below OC).

“Brrr! Very cool temps are expected for Christmas, “the NWS in Miami tweeted.” Fall iguanas possible. “

Because they are cold-blooded, iguanas that live in South Florida trees often become immobile in cold weather, so they fall to the ground even if they are alive.

In Jacksonville, temperatures were expected to drop from about 80 F (26.6 C) on Thursday to 30 F on Friday, setting the NWS in Jacksonville on track to be one of the five coldest Christmas days on record.

Severe storms and fast moving winds blew over North Florida on Christmas Day. Shelters have been opened across the state to take people affected by the cold, including several churches that plan to hold Christmas services.

Many shelters pledged social distance and security equipment to prevent the spread of the corona virus novel.

The epidemic also affected a space beach heritage: surfing Santa Day. Hundreds of surfers in typical Santa costumes were drawn to Coco Beach and thousands of enthusiastic supporters, and Thursday’s event moved online. Participants were encouraged to go surfing or paddle-boarding and post photos or videos.

‘Santa Claus is good to go’: Dr. Fucci says Father vaccinated for Christmas – Video

Santa received some help from a state official. Agriculture Commissioner Nicki Fried released a “Certificate of Animal Movement” this week, allowing Santa Claus and his wife and their deer to enter and exit all homes, apartments, camps, and campuses in the state of Florida. Via any U.S. border port or above from 8pm on December 24th to 7am on December 25th.

“Given this year’s challenges, we want to make sure Santa Claus can safely move to the state and spread the joy of Christmas to all of Florida’s children,” Freight said.