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OCR is an optical character recognition technology to extract text from an image and then convert it into some readable format. Many tools work based on OCR.  They scan the document then extract text as electronically designated characters. Later on, they convert it into a readable format. Besides, you can edit the final text as well. Several photos-to-text converters function online without any cost, so Go online and get yourself one!

Mechanism of Optical Character Recognition 

  • This revolutionary technology comes to your rescue whenever you want to move from Image to Text. It allows AI-based tools to examine a photo and then identify the text present in the picture. It will translate it for different purposes. OCR Online is a well-organized way of the electronic conversion of a photograph into machine-encoded text. 
  • It is an error-free technology and empowers the tool to recognize the font used in the image to recreate the document.
  •  Suppose the scan copies of any document are a blur and have a low-quality with some distorted characters. In that case, it may become challenging for any free online OCR software to deliver clear-cut results, which may lead to some mistakes.
  • Advancements are one after the other being made to enhance OCR online, and there are multiple jpg to word converters that are working effortlessly to translate scanned documents into words. 

Free OCR Online Converters 

There are multiple OCR online converters to extract text from any photograph to save your time and eliminate the risk of error. Some OCR online converters are:


SearchEngineReport offers you an OCR converter with excellent functionality to provide comprehensive support for extracting text from any picture. This free online OCR converter gives you the best results immediately. Open the and upload it to move from photo to text.  You can enter the URL of the document or select the image from the device or Dropbox. Click the “Submit” button, and the converter will change OCR to word in the blink of an eye.


It offers you this feature with a resourceful image-to-text converter online. Just Upload your document with images and Click the “Submit” button; consequently, it will display the results within seconds. You can enter the URL of any of your photos, and The option of directly uploading the image or document from google drive is also available. It will instantly analyze the words in the image and convert them into an editable word format.


OnlineOcr works best for every device, even without installation. It Recognizes the text and written information present in the photographs and captured pictures. After a deep scan, its OCR online technology will Convert text and Images into the editable DOC format. It can copy the data from tables, columns, and graphics. It offers a “Guest mode” without registration and allows you to convert a maximum of 15 files per hour. 

  • FreeOCR

It is another well-organized and valuable free Optical Character Recognition tool. It scans your documents via Twain scanners. It is well known for reviewing PDFs, multi-page, Tiff images, and many other scripted documents. It provides the output in the form of plain text and converts directly into Microsoft word format. Free OCR costs you nothing for its services. Also, instant delivery is its distinctiveness.

  • HiPDF

This tool assists you whenever you need to extract and edit the text into Microsoft Word. It offers you an additional feature to convert word to pdf in a brief period. Once you upload the file, it will reverse and then delete all of your data within 60 minutes. This tool offers paid services. 

  • Zamzar

It is another online option to convert jpg to word format with comfort. It is OCR online technology to convert image to word offers a unique feature, so after selecting the image, via this tool, you can mail this jpg file to a website which is specified for each tool with the target format. Therefore, it will send you a converted file within a few moments.

Benefits of OCR converters

  • This technology assists organizations in converting static pictures of data to digital text.
  • It provides the opportunity to digitize your photos and all the necessary information. 
  • It can extract text from old photographs that are in different languages.  
  • All of your documents and files present in paper form are more likely to steal, damage, or get lost. But by using OCR technology, you can store these files in cloud storage for an extended period and restore them whenever you need them. 
  • OCR converters eliminate the risk of plagiarism as well, and they are highly functional, so there is no chance of any grammatical and spelling mistakes. However, it is essential to proofread the final text to ensure the outstanding quality of your paper.


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