March 7, 2021

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From the most stable genius after Trump: 2020 in American political books | Books

A Long ago, in 1883, the future president (Woodrow Wilson, An item of this year Calculations) Studied political science at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, in a classroom “History is the politics of the past, politics is the history of the present”, To Sir John Seeley, Professor of Cambridge.

That was before the era of the book prepared for the campaign.

The political books in this election year were divided into three broad categories. Ordinary people have outgrown their relevance, from “meeting and telling” to campaign biographies. Interestingly, it begins with a temporary history or had some important revelations. Notably, the value of this year’s past should be less because they have really changed the stories – or simply good or important readings.

Perhaps surprisingly, books also fell in descending categories in numbers. Carlos Losada He read 150 books on the Donald Trump and Trump eras in the Washington Post for his own book, What we thought. However, not all readers will be satisfied with simply a “zero” number Cite a Trump campaign lawyer.

First, the ephemera of any election year and the expected offerings. Corruption inside and outside the government; Stories of the extended Trump family; Efforts for self-justification; Books, some entertainment, by reporters; How to guide politics should be read and used before November.

The permutations and penumbras of the 2016 campaign continued to produce new books: Compromise of Peter Strokes The origin of the investigation into the Trump campaign is credible from an FBI agent’s point of view, despite the strong facts and difficult facts for him. Rick Gates’ worst game Has some new scoop, but the real things went to the Mueller investigation, of which Strose was briefly a part. Liberal offer by Donald Trump Jr. There was a dual mission: to promote votes for the father in 2020 and for the son in 2024. American Crisis, New York Governor Andrew CuomoThe early book on the corona virus outbreak highlighted his program vision rather than the rise of prose, which was a fitting choice for the year, but was soon forgotten when the epidemic broke out.

Second, one sat down a little to take note of those books: a new insight, important facts were revealed; In the language of Michelin’s guides, “worth the detour”. Psychologist and daughter-in-law of the President Mary Trump’s overdose and never enough He explained the suffering of the Trump family for two generations and how that pain affected our national life with the disease. David from One of the first to predict the dangers of Trump’s dictatorship. This year, Thrombocytopenia, Always well-written and intelligent, focuses on attacks on the rule of law and “white racial chauvinism” as symbols of Trumpism, whose supporters are poor or elite. Carol Leonic and Philip Rucker, Pulitzer-winning Post reporters described Trump more deeply and successfully than most Very consistent genius. Trump’s anger at the book showed they had achieved their goal.

Stuart Stevens’ It Was All A Lie The debate over the future of the GOP will push back the history of the Republican Party for decades. Among the Democrats, the rare good work of a politician, Stacy Abrams’ Our time is now, As well as his victory in the political order in Georgia, mark him as an important force.

For the quality of the financial journal and the importance of its title, not least for the current and future investigations of Trump and the Trump organization, Dark Towers by David Enrich Deutsche Bank offers a thorough analysis of the bank and its relationship with Trump, as the public may not be prosecuted in New York.

Andrew Weissman, Wrote a senior lawyer with the M வழக்கறிller trial Where the law ends, A strong written account in which he regrets that his employer did not proceed further, especially not giving Trump a saponin and then not making a formal decision as to whether the president would interfere with justice. Weissman’s frustration is understandable, but readers can decide for themselves whether or not he is justified in the pressures and formal restrictions on Mல்லller.

Nancy Pelosi, by Molly Paul, is the subject of a well-researched life.

Nancy Pelosi, by Molly Paul, is the subject of a well-researched life. Photo: Erin Scott / Reuters

Here is a subset of the books on foreign and security policy. H.R. McMaster’s Battlefields Adapts to current realities and seeks to explain his working principles (“strategic empathy”), which advocates American dismissal and isolation. In The room where it took place, Former National Security Adviser John Bolton He spoke of Trump begging for China’s help, and wrote that Trump was “not fit for office” – a story that would have been better told to the House indictment. David Road in the Deep Demolished the “deep state” theory. Barry Kevin A new autobiography was presented Henry KissingerLife and work. Traitor, written by David Rhodkop, Seeks to change the Trump administration to its consequences And Giving the history of American traitors.

Finally, notable – some of the books that contributed significantly to that year’s story or are worthy of reading next year.

There was another Bob Woodward நூல், Rage – With tapes. The big news is that Trump was aware of the dangers of the Govt-19, but did not want to publicize them, and Dan Coates, then director of national intelligence, thought that Putin had something to do with Trump. Woodward received stories that others chased. Michael Schmidts Donald Trump v America Another serious book, with strong arguments about the attacks on the rule of law by the Trump administration, especially how deeply Trump threatens democracy. Schmidt’s reconsideration of efforts to punish Hillary Clinton and James Comey is particularly troubling, and his revelations about how Mueller’s investigation narrowed down to focus on crime in 2016 rather than Russian influence serve as a useful correction for Weissman.

Politics meets history in a few constituencies, in particular Thomas Bronx Anti-populist appeal, People, no, Does not compare Trump favorably with the FDR. Peter Baker and Susan Glaser Joined for a masterpiece biography of former Secretary of State James Baker, The Man Who Runs Washington, It reminds us of what (whom) the Republican leadership used to call it. Baker, Gerald Ford’s campaign manager in 1976, did not challenge the election result because Ford lost the popular vote. This shows the truth in Seeley’s proverb about the relationship between politics and history, with many insights into one of the best recent trainers of politics, lovingly remembering his politician at the end of the Cold War.

Molly Balls ‘S well researched and interesting biography Nancy Pelosi Understands the most powerful woman in American history. Active activities of Thomas Ritt, Misinformation and the political war – Claswitz for the Cyber ​​Era – see new urgency in light of recent revelations of major cyber attacks on the US government.

Both books receive a final note. When the Trump administration comes to an end, Ruth Ben-Giat Examining Trump’s actions and personality from a comparative perspective of post-Mussolini fascist leaders, he noted not only the actions that pointed to dictatorship, but also the depth of the danger of going down that path.

Strong ones An important book and warning. Trump sees Ben-Giad as “motivated to control and exploit everything for personal gain”. The men, women, and children he manages are valued in his eyes as they fight enemies and publicly admire him. The campaign allows him to monopolize the attention of the country, and acts valiantly when he shows himself to be the best responsible man. “The rhetoric and actions against immigrants (and even members of Congress) and the appointments of people who were loyal to the law have a real cost to a political system, and its weaknesses are clear. It takes both personal action and courageous will to defend democracy.

Joe Biden asks Barack Obama at the White House in December 2012.

Joe Biden asks Barack Obama at the White House in December 2012. Photo: Alex Wong / Getty Images

On a happy note, Bob Boyer and Jack Goldsmith In After Trump Providing a legal, sometimes highly technical route map to reform many of the regulations of the destroyed government. Some will prove to be transparent and others controversial, but let this urgent debate begin with the Congress and the Biden administration.

In it, it was released this year as well Promised land, The first volume of memoirs Barack Obama, Served as Vice President of the new President. Although the policy is heavy, sometimes moving deeper and not as detailed as many readers would like (despite its length), Obama reflects on the nature of power and himself. Moreover, his book again helps to remind the world of the difference between him and his successor. He is proud to have written it – handwritten, to promote his own deep thoughts on his presidency and the country in which he was honored and the occasional turmoil.

To learn more about the upcoming president, Joan Biden by Evan Osnos: The American Dreamer A great place to start: his political skills, life tragedies and compatibility are on an equal footing here. Osnos concludes with Biden’s speech on the removal of America’s “season of darkness” – a serious hope for the new year.