March 7, 2021

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Gordon Ramsay shares America’s wonderful news – David Beckham reacts!

Gemma Strong

This is a great week Gordon Ramsay. The famous chef took to Instagram on Monday with an amazing update for his American fans and his close friend David Beckham He was quick to show his support.

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Gordon, 54, shared a promotional photo on his social media page to celebrate the return of his two shows: “America …. this is the first week of 2021! Catch my American road trip on foxtv tomorrow night and come back from elshellskitchenfox #vegas on Thursday!” I’m on alfallontonight tonight! See you soon Gx. “

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Of the 142,000 fans who liked this post, David has been friends with Gordon since 2007. Their families with Gordon’s wife are getting incredibly well. தானா Creates close contact with Victoria Beckham.

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“We’ve come naturally over the last ten years,” Gordon noted The sun In 2017. “I see how David and Victoria work.”


David and Gordon went upside down Say f

David, 45, has even taken Gordon to his own game, where he competed with a celebrity chef on his reality show. Say f, During which Gordon described the former footballer as “the second most competitive Brit on the planet”.

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The couple each produced a risotto, determined by former boxer Laila Ali, the daughter of Mohammed Ali. Surprisingly, Gordon won.


Both have made an amazing deal about their children

While the two families are clearly incredibly close, even taking vacations, Gordon has previously revealed that the two have made an unexpected deal about their children. “We promise no one will date anyone,” Gordon said The sun. “If Holly [Ramsay] ‘Yes, Brooklyn and I …’ It would be ‘No, Holly’. “

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Gordon is a proud father of five children: Megan, 23, twins Holly and Jack, 21, Matilda, 19, and one-year-old Oscar. David, meanwhile, shares four children with wife Victoria: Brooklyn, 21, Romeo, 18, 15-year-old Cruz and nine-year-old Harper.

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