Govt-19: Joe Biden to re-impose travel ban on UK and EU over fears of new corona virus strains | U.S. News

US President Joe Biden will repay a number of travel bans that his predecessor canceled.

Mr. Biden It is also planned to ban people from coming to South Africa, for fear of something new Corona virus Variation found in the country.

Donald Trump Travel restrictions were lifted Two days before he leaves office, Joe Biden will step down immediately by an executive order – a decision between the United States, Brazil and Europe.

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Joe Biden gives Americans a bad warning

The new measure will stop EU countries from entering the United States on Monday from the UK, Brazil and South Africa.

Dr. Anne Chuchad, Principal Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), confirmed: “We will add South Africa to the Prohibited List because of the diversity that already extends beyond South Africa.”

“The move is aimed at protecting Americans, spreading and exacerbating the current epidemic, and reducing the risk of these variations,” he said.

The CDC is concerned that vaccines are less effective against the COVID-19 variant found in South Africa, and that it is 50% more contagious than other versions of the virus.

Mr Biden was seen taking swift action on COVID-19 in his early days in office, and has already signed administrative orders imposing compulsory masking and social exclusion on government property across the United States.

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The UK is also mumbling The idea of ​​full border closure As part of the current lockout, in an attempt to curb the introduction of further variations in the country.

At this time, flights from South America and Portugal to the UK are banned, and all other arrivals must be isolated for 10 days.

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