March 7, 2021

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Govt and media cuts behind fall in recorded U.S. lightning strike deaths | American Weather

Lightning strike deaths in the United States have dropped to a very low number over the years, and it is doubtful that an organization that raises such incidents could help reduce the Govt-19 epidemic.

2020 to go one week, the National Lightning Safety Council (NLSC) recorded 17 deaths from strikes, four less than in 2018 and 2019 and less than 40 in 2016 overall.

According to lightning expert John Genesius, the corona virus is one of many possible causes.

“Our primary source for information on lightning deaths is broadcast and print media reports,” he said. “This year the media focused primarily on the Govt-19 epidemic, elections, social injustice and unrest, and the devastating wildfires in Western America, so lightning deaths and injuries did not receive their regular coverage.

“Media reports document only 12 U.S. lightning deaths, but we learned from five more sources. There may be unrecorded lightning deaths in other states unknown to us.”

Jane Elizabeth, media consultant for several major American newspapers, local newsroom closures, Nationwide at least 60 According to the Pointer Institute, reduced information flow can also be blamed.

“Public information officers and public officials who publicly report such incidents to the local media may be overwhelmed by the emergency events of 2020,” he said.

Florida, the capital of the United States’ longest-running lightning strike, has recorded three deaths this year Is Texas, NLSC From 2010 to 2019, 47 deaths were reported in Florida, more than twice as many as 21 in Texas and three times as many as in Alabama.

“I was only able to explore Florida,” Gencius said. “Therefore, it is somewhat unsatisfactory to find so many lightning deaths that have never made an online news report. Like many aspects of 2020, I do not know if we will ever have an accurate picture of the impact of lightning. ”