How The FIFA Video Game Increased Soccer’s Popularity

The FIFA video game is arguably the most popular out there and when we come down within the soccer industry, there is no contemplation about it being the most popular.

For its realistic features that emulate real-world scenarios in football gaming and the immersive experiences the game provides to game lovers over the decades, it surely deserves to be the best.

You know one other thing FIFA video games did to the soccer industry?

It increases its popularity by a ton.

You might be wondering how a video game could influence real-world sports games.

The thing is that FIFA video game had gone miles long to emulate that of real-life to the point where many clubs are beginning to leverage the video game to recruit new players and the players themselves are beginning to emphasize by mirroring their stands on the game and how they actually are, in reality.

A game that goes so far wouldn’t be surprising if it brings a major change in the soccer industry.

One good thing that happens about this is that while the real-world game had contributed to the entirety of the game’s popularity, the game, on the other hand, made a payback by returning the favor.

Talking about Laliga, Premier league, and what have you, I knew several friends who started by playing the FIFA game, and then they grew into avid soccer supporters.

In the United States, something that greatly spurred up the interest in soccer among different classes of people is electronic arts, where the FIFA video game dominates as the bestseller.

Still in the united states, we’ve quite known the fact that soccer isn’t much of a thing as far as the real-world game is a concern, but one thing that boasts up to change the odds is the gameplay.

It seems to be the tool that is making many people start picking interest in the world of soccer and had been yielding results.

The gap the U.S has in terms of soccer supporters with the wider world especially with countries like England and Brazil seem to be shrinking with the speed of lightning.

The thing is that the rest of the world where the FIFA game had set its feet on, seems to perform ambassadorial tasks by making its players fall in love with everything soccer.

Wrapping Up 

I recently saw a photo of the First FIFA game back in 1993, and just visualized the current FIFA the difference is just like the Abacus computer and a Smartphone; just incomparable.

Then I realized how far FIFA had traveled, and with more gamers finding interest in the world’s most popular, especially with the yearly updates that EA brings which comes with major changes, we surely are counting toward more dominances in the industry.

Also, it will continue to breed more gamers into the real world of Soccer.

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I’ll like to read from you in the comment section what you think about the FIFA game actually contributes to Soccer popularity.

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