How To Access The Kickass Torrent Website 100% Working Kat Proxy Sites:

Before going to the Kickass torrents proxy sites, knowing about the Kickass torrents is essential for you. Kat is a website that offers you different types of online directories. You can use all these directories for the torrent files and also for the magnet links. 

However, in the year 2008, the kickass torrents was introduced and till 2108 the Kat website gained too much popularity and became the most popular torrent website. 

But in 2016 the kickass torrents was banned in the US and the government also shut down all the servers of this torrents website. We all know that downloading anything is not a crime but if the files are copyrighted then it is illegal.

Now, the problem is that in too many countries Kickass is blocked due to the copyrighted content. If it is also blocked in your country, then you don’t have to worry because with the help of a proxy site you can easily access the original content. 

Other than this there are also too many ways to access the kickass torrents website. So, you just have to read the complete article to know about all these ways.

The reason behind blocking the Kickass Torrents?

We all know that the Kickass torrents website is blocked in too many countries and the reason behind this is the copyrighted content. 

Due to the copyright laws, the government blocked the domain but still in some countries the website is also working. It depends on your location it might be possible that in your country it is not blocked. 

How To Access The Kickass Torrents Website:

You don’t have to worry about this because too many methods are present with the help of this you can easily access the torrents website. 

The first way is to use the VPN. Basically, the virtual private network offers you to change your location. It means you can access the torrents website anonymously and with the help of this, you can easily access every blocked website. 

But you must have to use the paid VPN because of the security. The second method is to use the Tor browser. The tor browser provides you with different locations that always hide your original location. 

With the help of a tor browser, you can easily access any torrents website and download your favorite content. Both these methods are easy and safe to access the Kickass torrents website.

The third way is to use the proxy site. It is the simplest and easiest way with the help of this you can easily download your torrents file. 

Basically, the proxy site is the clone of the original website, it comes with a different domain name but contains the content of the original website. 

Working of Proxy Site:

You can easily use the Kat proxy site and the best part is that you don’t need any registration or login for this. When the Kickass torrents website was banned then at that time the owner of the Kat again launched the website but with the other domain name. 

So with the help of its proxy site, you can easily access the Kickass torrents and then easily download your favorite torrent file. 

However, the proxy site works as the middle man between your network and the website. In other words, the proxy site can give you the opportunity to access the data of the original website but with a different domain name. 

It is the best way to access the torrent website, but remember one thing that when you use the proxy website then it is essential to connect a VPN.

Reason to use the Kat Proxy site:

The first reason is that you can’t unblock any torrents website so the best solution is to use the proxy site to access any blocked torrents website. If you are using the proxy site, then it will offer you access to the site and download any torrents file. 

The next reason is using the VPN or Tor browser is not secure as the Proxy Site. Other than that it is the simplest way to access the Kat torrent website and here you will find too many magnet links. 

So in my opinion using a proxy site is the best option, if you don’t know about the working Kat proxy site then don’t worry because some working proxy sites are given below. 

100% working proxy site list 2021:

There are too many Kickass proxy sites are present but it is very difficult to find the working proxy site. All the working sites are given below.


These are the 100% working proxy sites of 2021 with the help of these websites you can easily download the movies, web series, applications, games and many other things. 

It might be possible that some internet service provider will trace your activity when you use the proxy site.

Then it is very important to use the VPN that will change your location. When you connect the paid VPN then no one can trace your location and activity. So, the best and working proxy sites are given above, you can use one of them to access the Kickass torrents website.


I hope you understand that the proxy sites are the easiest and safest way to download the torrents files and no one can block you. It is a fact that in the UK the Kat torrents website is blocked but with the proxy site you can easily access the torrents site. 

Proxy site is the best solution to unblock the Kickass torrents website. However, we have mentioned the best proxy site that will help you to download your favorite movie, software and many other things. 

So, I hope this article will be beneficial for you and don’t forget to share this important information with your friends and also on your social media platforms.

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