How to choose a longboard surfboard

No doubt there are different types of surfboards, it is very essential to choose one that suits your experience and style. Whether you are a beginner who is interested to learn to surf on a SUP surfboard  or an experienced surfer who wants something unique and new that will happen with great work when you paddle out in small waves, a longboard will not disappoint you. 

 Today I am going to discuss the ideal sizes of longboards for beginners and experienced surfers. I will also inform you about the prices of longboards that how much they cost.

 What are the reasons that you should get a longboard surfboard?

Beginner Surfers:

There are many reasons why beginner surfers should get a best electric longboard while selecting a surfboard. Longboard surfboards are very stable, easy to handle, and can be managed without any difficulty. They help you to learn the basic techniques of surfing and maintain your stance much faster than any other designed type of surfboard.

Experienced Surfers:

Let’s be fair. Big swells do not happen till you’d like them to happen. If you want to ride on a big swell and you are waiting for surfing anxiously, a longboard will allow you to enjoy surfing only when the waves are small. The very first reason why experienced surfers should keep adding a longboard to their quiver is that they will permit you to get in the water and surf more easily.

Always keep in mind this rule that longboards are not just for young slangs and elders. There are so many amazing surfers, who ride on the longboard and perform unique and advanced techniques such as hanging ten, ripping turns, riding switch stance, and getting shacked. If you make surfing your passion, then you will feel incomplete without it. Take every surf as a new challenge. 

The ideal dimensions of a longboard surfboard for a beginner surfer:

 As a beginner surfer, your main goal is to find a longboard that makes toddling and grabbing waves easy. To do this successfully, you should pay full attention to the dimensions of the longboard surfboard. Not only the dimensions but you should also pay close attention to the length and width of the longboard. The length of the longboard surfboard for a beginner should be around 9’4 and the width should be 23. 

In case if you are a bigger surfer, you can surf up to 23½ inches wide. On the other side, if you are a smaller surfer, you can go down to 22½ inches wide. In addition to it, your beginner longboard should be around 15-17 pounds in weight. Show this advice to your local surf shop, and a worker will be able to give you their best longboard for beginners. They will surely help you if you have a good understanding and relations with them. Also if you have contact with local shapers and employees, it will be a great help in marking you and, the right direction and might be able to come up with some amazing and super shapes of longboards.

The ideal longboard surfboard dimensions for experienced surfers:

There is the biggest mistake that experienced surfers usually make is that when they are transitioning from a shortboard to longboard results in one that is too small (9’0 or 9’2). A small longboard finds difficulty in making a transition easier. Even though a shorter longboard will continuously feel like more foam than your shortboard, it will not give you a true feeling of surfing down the bar on a longboard. 

Always remember that one of the major reasons why you are adding a bigger board to quiver is to have more enjoyment surfing small waves which means riding a wider and stronger longboard. A good length starts with 9’6 but I will recommend you to go with a longer one like 9’8 or 9’10. A higher longboard will give you that surf which you need to cover a lot of water easily. And if you want to learn hard or more advanced longboard techniques like the cross-step, hanging ten, and ripping turns, you can still do these advanced techniques with a longer surfboard.

The best conditions for a longboard surfboard:

 The best work is done by a longboard surfboard in 1-2 foot and 2-3 foot waves. Infamous surf locations, for example, California and Hawaii, a longboard will be a great choice to ride when there are many lulls between bigger swells. For more annual yearly locations, such as East Coast, a longboard is a must-have during the inconsistent summer months.

  How much does a longboard surfboard cost?

Beginner Surfers:

 As we all know that longer and higher things cost more than shorter and smaller ones. Same in this case as longboards are much bigger than shortboards so they are costly. If you are a beginner surfer and looking for your first longboard then you should buy a used longboard. A brand new, simple made $1,000 longboard will damage easily as the $400 used longboard you bought from your local shop. Mostly, local surf shops have a variety of used boards. Contact them and make sure if they have any longboard for under $500. If you find something unique in the $650-$750 range, go and purchase it.

Key Takeaway:

Beginner surfers should pay under $500 for a second-hand item or around $750 for a brand new one.

Experienced Surfers:

 I might be true that you already have a good idea about buying a new longboard. You also have new ideas about the costs of a longboard. If you have tension about the breakage of the clear and shiny surface of a new longboard, then keep in mind that a new $1,000 longboard will last for a long time till you rarely damage it. An average price for good quality and glassed longboard will cost you around $700 to $1,300. They are a bit expensive but offer you a double glass that can handle a small crack.

Key Takeaway:

Experienced surfers will pay around $700 to $1,300 for a new longboard. No matter from which shop you buy a longboard deal.

I hope after reading this article you will have a lot of knowledge about the length, dimensions and, prices of longboard surfboard.


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