How To Find Xfinity Store Near Me By Comcast With The Help Of Locator:

Too many people know about the Comcast and Xfinity store but the thing they don’t know about is the Xfinity store near me locator. 

The main work of the Xfinity store near me locator provides an opportunity for every consumer to find the nearest Xfinity store in their area with the help of entering the zip code. 

So, if you don’t know about the Xfinity store near me locator tool then don’t worry, in this article we are going to tell you how you can find the nearest Xfinity store. 

But before going to the Xfinity store near me locator tool details first you should know about the basic detail of the Xfinity store. Let’s dive into this.

What is Xfinity And How Is Different From Comcast?

Xfinity and Comcast are the two entities but still in 2021 most people are confused between Xfinity and Comcast.

The reality is that ten years ago the company didn’t give a clear explanation. Basically, Comcast is a well-established company that launched Xfinity in the year 2010. 

However, Comcast was introduced to provide the Internet and mobile features and after this, the idea for Xfinity came out.

Xfinity was meant to become a particular division of the company. But now the main agreement is to focus on the cable provider while later focus on the online services and wireless devices.

What Service Does Xfinity Offer?

Basically, Xfinity offers three services to their consumers including the internet, cable TV and phone.

The company provides too many bundles of these services at a discount, so these bundles with discounts are the best thing for consumers. 

The details of their services are given below, if you need more details or want to know about the other service details then you can check their official website

Xfinity TV:

Xfinity TV is a very efficient and solid cable TV service that offers you 260+ live TV channels.

With the help of this service, you can get good sports channels and other premium channels including HBO, STARZ and many other premium channels.

Other than this the Xfinity TV service provides you with an on-demand library, this option is best for those people who already know what they want to watch.

If we talk about the best bundle of Xfinity TV cable service then it is Xfinity Digital Preferred that comes with 220+ channels and you have to pay $59.99 per month.


  • For mobile viewing the streaming app is present
  • Wide availability
  • It offers you the free peacock premium w/X1 DVR
  • The voice remote and excellent X1 DVR is present


  • Channel counts are small
  • For no term agreement plan, the price is 33% high
  • High fees for DVR and HD

Xfinity Internet Service:

The internet service of Xfinity is very fast and reliable, if we talk about the speed range of Xfinity service then it is 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps.

But the best part of their internet service is in some areas you will get the amazing 2 Gbps connection.

However, the internet service of Xfinity is widely available and fast so you will definitely enjoy the fast internet service.

But the main thing is that the Xfinity internet service is a little bit pricey, you can add the internet service to the bundle at a very reasonable price.

In this our recommendation is to buy the X1 Preferred Double Play that includes the 150 Mbps fast performance internet and more than 220 channels.

You have to pay $89.99 per month and I think this is the best package to get both the cable Tv and internet service from Xfinity. 


  • Provides you with the very reliable service 
  • They also offer the Wi-Fi hotspots
  • They do not contain any type of contract plans 


  • Sometimes upload speed of Xfinity internet service is slow
  • The equipment is overpriced
  • Data caps

Xfinity Home Security:

Along with the cable TV and internet service, Xfinity also offers you home security and complete protection. 

The Xfinity surveillance system provides you with too many features including smart controls, 24/7 professional monitoring and also a wireless keypad. 

Like the best cable and internet service, the home security service of Xfinity is also an excellent service you can go for. 

There are too many bundles of this service and the best part is that now more than one million home security customers are present.

Key Features:

  • Offers too many monitoring plans
  • Provides you with the live HD video
  • Smartphone access
  • Provides the touchscreen controls
  • Battery backup

How Does The Xfinity Store Near Me Locator Tool Work?

It is just because of the internet that anyone can go online and easily find the nearest Xfinity store. 

If the Xfinity store is present within a few miles of your home then you can easily find the company store with the help of the Xfinity store near me locator tool.

But first, you have to make sure that the browser settings permissions are always allowed to prevent the different types of complications.

If you don’t know how to use the Xfinity store near me locator then don’t worry, all the steps are given below, you just have to follow the given below steps.

  1. Type The Zip Code Or Home Address:

When you click on the Xfinity store near me logo then the location map will open. On the left side of the map, you will find the search bar and here you have to type the address or you can also type the zip code of your city.

We are again reminding you that make sure all the browser permissions must be allowed

 to prevent complications. Now let’s begin the next step.

  1. View The Listing Of Different Stores:

After completing the first step you will see too many options and you have to select the Xfinity store near me form the listing of stores.

After selecting the Xfinity store you have to click on it to get more details about it or to get the exact location of the Xfinity store.

  1. Get The Contact Information:

After selecting the Xfinity store near me you have to collect the contact information. Basically, the contact information includes the phone number and the exact address of the Xfinity store.

For more convenience, you can click on the map of the Xfinity store near me to know the easiest route.

FAQ Related To Xfinity And Comcast:

What Is Xfinity Store?

It is a store where customers can go and can purchase the different types of products that the company offers. 

These include the television, home security, phone, and cable TV service. There are too many branches of Xfinity store and some of them also offer the pick and drop off devices service.

Clients can also go to different stores to manage their subscriptions, to pay bills and or get help.

Is Xfinity Good?

We all know that there will be different opinions and disagreements are present about any company. 

But most of the reviewers are very happy about the Xfinity services especially they like the internet service that is very fast and the connection of the internet is reliable. 

Other than this the prices of their services are very affordable and everyone can easily afford their services.

Where The User Can Drop The Equipment?

It is obvious thing that the customers can visit any Xfinity store that accepts the returned products. 

However, you can call the 1 to 800 number on the website of the company to find the location of the Xfinity store. 

The Xfinity store near me locator tool is another way to find the nearest Xfinity store.

After How Long You Can Return Xfinity Equipment?

If you do not like the product, or if there is any fault, then you will get the return policy benefit from the company. Usually, the person is responsible to bring back the device within 10 days after buying, to the retailer. 

If people do not follow this policy, then they should have to pay late charges for returning their device. 

Can We Return Comcast Equipment to the UPS Store?

In short, Yes you can return the Comcast equipment to the UPS store. But for this purpose, the person must have to confirm which equipment they have mentioned on the Xfinity return page. 

While on the website, the client has to select the option of UPS and then print the prepaid label for shipping. 

The better way that clients should follow is to keep the product in the real package and then stick the label of return back to the front side. So, they can conveniently drop your package at any place which accepts UPS. 

Comcast is Customer-Centric & Continues to Grow?

The major aim of this business is based on resolving. So, the Xfinity stores locator is known as a helping tool. 

It is one of the searching tools that can help you to find a racial center near you. But it also suggests the place to visit, contact information and operating hours. You will also get information on products that are available.

Providers also offer other supporting ways like phone calls, online chat and online platforms.

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