How to prevent delta type corona

Several types of corona have already been detected. Of these, the delta type is the most deadly. Basically, due to the spread of this delta type of corona, the corona infection and death rate in the country is going to take a terrible shape. Delta Plus has appeared somewhere. It spreads faster than Delta and the infection intensifies faster. This particular type of corona spike protein is so powerful that it easily penetrates into the cells of the respiratory tract and quickly takes over the overall control of the cell to replicate the corona. As a result, the severity of the disease increases in a very short time.

Not just in Bangladesh, but in the United States, according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), delta-type corona is now predominant. Problems in Japan too.

The Olympic Games will be inaugurated there on July 23. But recently the authorities have decided to hold the Olympic Games without spectators due to a new rise in coronary heart disease. The state of emergency will continue in Tokyo during the Olympic Games. There is a risk of delta type coronary infection. The people of Japan are demanding the closure of the Olympic Games. This new type of corona has also spread in Indonesia.
Now the question is, will the conventional vaccine work to prevent this new type of corona? Scientists are doing research on this subject. Experts in the United States and the United Kingdom have already found that all other vaccines, including Pfizer-Bioentech, Modern, Oxford-Astrageneca, work well against corona delta types.

Johnson & Johnson reported that their single-dose vaccine also provides very good protection. Experts have found that the benefit of vaccination is that the risk of getting infected at first is very low, and the severity of the disease is very low even if infected. As a result, the risk of death is very low.

So now the main responsibility is to speed up the vaccination system for all adults in the country. With 60-70 percent of people vaccinated, we can be pretty sure that coronary heart disease can be prevented. But there are problems with vaccination. The government is trying. The United Kingdom, the United States, European countries, Australia, etc. will finish the vaccination very soon. China and Russia will probably vaccinate most of the people in the country in a couple of months. But if vaccinations are not guaranteed for developing and low-income countries, there is a risk of repeated infections in the developed world. Therefore, from now on, the joint efforts of all the countries of the world are needed so that the developed and developing countries get the opportunity to be vaccinated at the same pace.

However, it should be kept in mind that the work of vaccination will continue in the country, as well as the use of masks while traveling outside, maintaining distance and continuing the habit of washing hands frequently should not be underestimated. Coronary infections can be greatly reduced by following the lockdown rules and wearing a mask all the time when going out for emergency work.

New discoveries

Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc. for so long gave us information about body temperature, sleep levels, heart rate, blood pressure, etc. Now corona symptoms or corona-post physical condition information is also available. One in five people in the United States walk after a fitbit. With the help of this, the information about the corona infection can be obtained quickly and the opportunity for quick treatment is created. In our country, it may be expensive to use such devices. But such new opportunities are being created.

Analyzing the results of various studies in the July 2 online edition of Medical News to the Day, it was noted that the third dose of the corona vaccine, more than six months after the second dose, greatly enhances immunity and lasts longer. Not only that, the third dose is capable of inactivating corona alpha, beta and delta type viruses. However, many researchers do not think that a third booster dose is needed. Research in this regard is still ongoing.

Increasing the chances of getting vaccinated

The dire consequences that the world is facing as a result of the disparity in vaccination between developed and developing countries can be understood by looking at the increasing rate of corona infection almost every day. The New York Times has expressed concern that more than 4 million deaths in the world have been caused by corona. They showed in an article on July 8 that the rate of infection is increasing at an alarming rate. It took 9 months to surpass the first 1 million deaths. Since then, the death toll has risen sharply. The second 10 lakh deaths took three and a half months, the third 10 lakh three months and the fourth 10 lakh deaths in the next two and a half months.

From this calculation, it can be said that the developed countries will not be able to get out of the crisis just by vaccinating everyone in their respective countries. So the importance of sending their surplus vaccines to less developed countries is now the most important. The sooner a large population of people in all countries of the world can be vaccinated, the sooner the world will be free from the curse of coronation.

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