How To Succeed In College? Tips To Success In College:

I remember perfectly when I found out that I had stayed at the university of my dreams. As well as in the career that he wanted to study. 

It was a Friday and the internet in my house was not working, so I went to my cousin’s house to access the university page and find out the result. 

It took me about two hours to get that uncertainty out of my being. After jumping and crying with happiness, I realized that adult life was just around the corner. 

The truth is that I would have loved someone to give me advice about how to succeed in college because that would have made my life easier. 

However, I can help you, so I will tell you what I did to study at the university and be victorious.

Perfect companions:

The truth is that I was very lucky to find one of my best friends and a good study partner from day one. I recommend that you observe your classmates in the first two weeks. 

You will realize which ones you can get on perfectly with and even have a good friendship. Also, you could meet more people throughout your career.

Attend class:

The truth, being very honest, when you get to university or you become more responsible or it may be that you do not finish the degree. 

So, it is up to you to enter classes or not. Teachers don’t care if you write on a napkin or a well-lined notebook, they go and teach their subject. That is why it is only up to you that you get good grades.

Do not stay silent:

In college, you will learn that asking is the best thing to do. The subjects are obviously much more complex, so if you are in doubt, and that comes in the exam, you are lost. 

When the teacher asks if there is any doubt, he raises his hand if it is the case. Sometimes, you will expose yourself to your colleagues looking at you with an annoyed face, but in the end, you will see that your knowledge will be well supported.

Be self-taught:

Just as there are teachers who go out of their way to teach their students with excellence, you will also find others who do not. 

I recommend that if you have a teacher without a vocation, you try to fill that knowledge gap by investigating on your own. 

Also, there are many free courses that you can take online. Also, go to the library. Books are a great source of knowledge, believe it or not.


Finally, I recommend that you organize yourself very well to do all the school activities and, at the same time, you can have a social life. 

Do not leave your tasks for the last minute, do them little by little. What worked for me was having an agenda in which I wrote down both the tasks and the other activities that I had planned. That way I didn’t forget anything.

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