March 7, 2021

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In the official Christmas Day message, Trump made no mention of Govt; Biden talks about the pain of the epidemic

Joe Biden and President Donald Trump delivered completely different Christmas Day messages on Friday, with the president-elect emphasizing one point. Video The Govt-19 epidemic reminds Americans of “our common humanity,” while Trump made only a vague reference to the corona virus.

“Jill and I wish you and your family peace, happiness, health and happiness this season. But we know this is going to be a very difficult year for many of you in our country,” Biden said in a video message with his wife. “In this season of hope, we are reminded of our common humanity and what we are called to do for one another.”

“Many of our fellow Americans have a hard time finding work, actually putting food on the table, paying rent or mortgages, and reminding ourselves that we are on this earth to take care of each other, to provide what we can, and to be a resource. Friends and strangers alike need help and trust,” Biden added.

He also stressed that he and Jill Biden would not visit the extended family this year to respect the public health guidelines required by the epidemic.

“As far as fitness is concerned, we usually have 20 to 25 more people coming to dinner than on Christmas Eve, but not this year,” the president-elect said. “We are going to lose our family, but this is what we need to do to keep our families safe. We hope you will restrict travel to the level of family gatherings this year as well.”

Nearly 330,000 Americans have died from Govt-19, and more than 18.7 million viral infections have been confirmed in the United States.

Meanwhile, Trump released a formal White House statement that did not mention the epidemic.

His only acknowledgment was, “Our meetings will be different than in years past.”

Instead, he sent loving greetings from himself and First Lady Melania Trump “to all Americans as we celebrate Christmas.”

“Although our meetings may look different than in previous years, this Christmas, like every Christmas, is an opportunity to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ and to express our heartfelt gratitude for the numerous blessings God has bestowed on our lives, and the nation,” the Trump news said. “In this season of peace, we value the warmth, generosity and hope that breathe life into our holiday gatherings. Just as the story of the birth of Christ inspires all people, the love we share with our family and friends fills our hearts with joy.”

Trump also thanked military families, first responders, law enforcement officials and leading medical professionals who “work tirelessly to serve and protect our communities.”

In a video posted on Twitter the day before Christmas, Trump and Melania Trump spoke at length about the epidemic.

“We are fighting a global epidemic that has affected all of us,” Melania Trump said in the video, thanking first responders, medical staff, members of the military, teachers and many more.

“We offer millions of safe and effective vaccines that will put an end to this terrible epidemic quickly,” Trump added.