Instagram influencer Alexis Sharkey dies of strangulation, report says death

Alexis Sharkey, whose body was found following a reported disappearance on a Houston roadside, was strangled to death, a medical examiner said.

The Houston Town Institute of Forensic Sciences revealed the cause of death Tuesday, with the Instagram Influencer lying dead near a section of Interstate 10 about 17 miles west of the city of Houston.

The medical examiner’s report states that the type of death was a homicide.

Sharkey, also known as Robinold, disappeared shortly after Thanksgiving. According to the NBC affiliate KPRC-TV, Sharqi’s mother said she learned the news after receiving a phone call from her daughter’s husband and friends.

Instagram Influence Alexis Sharkey.Lex Alexischirky via Instagram

“A friend said, ‘I ran to her apartment, she’s not there, we need to meet,'” Stacey Clark told the Robinold store.

The influencer died on November 28th. Detectives said he was found naked by a cleaner on a road a few miles from his apartment.

Sharkey, who was popular on Instagram, moved to Houston last January shortly after the wedding, Stacey Clark Robinold previously told NBC News. During the last phone conversation they had, the two planned to spend Christmas together.

“We were really looking forward to this Christmas,” he said. “He tried to book flights.”

Stacy Clark Robinold said dealing with her daughter’s death was not easy, but the mysterious circumstances surrounding it made things much harder.

“In the way he was found, there was no accident in it,” he said. “I totally believe she was murdered.”

So far, police have not made any arrests in Sharqi’s death. Stacey Clark Robinold asked anyone with information to come forward, “so this can be resolved so she can get that justice.”

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