James Murdoch blasts US media for ‘spreading lies’ that contributed to Capitol riots

James Murdoch, the youngest son of right-wing media mogul Rupert Murdoch, has unleashed a wave of criticism in the American media.

James, who resigned from News Corp, a global media outlet in July last year, attacked media forces, which he attributed in part to the January 6 Capitol riots in Washington.

“Many media property owners know that elected officials know the truth, but instead of spreading lies, we hope that the bad scenes we are all watching will finally convince those promoters to reject the toxic politics they once promoted,” he said. Financial Times In an interview.

“The damage is profound. The fact that we thought the removal of the Capitol was dangerous is actually very, very positive. Those outlets that spread lies to their visitors have unleashed the insidious and uncontrollable forces that have been with us for years, ”he added.

James’ comments came when he was asked about the influence of Fox News, a network owned by his father Rupert and run by his brother Lachlan Murdoch.

He did not mention Fox News or any other media outlet in his response.

James was known to criticize his father’s conservative views, but largely avoided public criticism since leaving the family company.

He and his wife, Katherine Hafsim, were major contributors to President-elect Joe Biden’s campaign and supporters of organizations fighting climate change and fake news.

Criticism of the Murdoch media empire in Australia was recently spearheaded by former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, whose petition to the Royal Commission on Media Rights in Australia received more than half a million signatures, the largest of any petition tabled in Parliament.

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