Joe Biden’s inauguration should be an inevitable event for the divided United States U.S. News

Where I stand at the foot of American democracy, the sea of ​​flags flies in the air, but the mall has lost people.

There is an almost deadly silence, preventing the noise of machines hoisting more flags on poles lined the path to the Capitol.

Yellow and blue eruptions stop the horizon. Yet this visual installation marks the darkest era for the United States.

Washington DC
Visual installation marks the darkest era for the United States

A country caught by a virus that has killed 400,000 people, security concerns snatching the opportunity to come here and security threats created by the most recent and dangerous insurgency.

When I was here four years ago, it rained, there was no crowd, as Sean Spicer later said, this was the biggest. But at least the turnout, the voters you could talk to, was as fast and exciting as you could hear.

There were cheers, horns, conversations about where the country was going.

Now, the only people journalists here, we are all separated by white tents and heavily armed National Guards, marching every few minutes.

As I write, many have been relieved of their duties after being suspected of having links Extreme right-wing fighters. It’s a city on the edge – not only afraid of anyone who might come from outside, but also the motives of those who operate within the red zone we are in.

To get to our white tent, I passed a dozen checkpoints and our bags were checked as before. The siege of the Capitol exposed some profound weaknesses in security – with politicians a few seconds away from heavily armed insurgents.

There are now 25,000 National Guards – not a pity on January 6th.

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The tears of the president-elect

The inauguration is a re-opening of the American experiment – an opportunity for presidents to carve out their own image of the future. Joe Biden He had to do so with a home audience and a large number of Republicans who did not believe he had legally won.

He must reassure them that he has a role to play in his United States, and bring a sense of excitement, without the furniture of excitement.

But he’s got some good shape on the side. His political journey to the White House has been largely presented by television COVID-19, His Misses, his work report is often provided from his base.

He found words of encouragement 80 million to try to vote Voting sadly is really an effort.

He will have stars tomorrow, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Garth Brooks. But there were no opening balls and the pioneer did not want luck for him. Those two factors do not hurt him.

But what he needs most is an event that is risk-free and non-divisive. America needs some healing peace, perhaps, an unshakable phenomenon.

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