Military investigator for attending pro-Trump rally in DC

A military spokesman said an army official was under investigation for joining a rally in support of President Donald Trump last week and later for a riot in the US capital.

Army Captain Emily Rainey speaks with WRAL-TV in South Pines, NC in May.WRAL

Capt. Emily Rainey, 30, a psychiatric officer stationed in Fort Brock, North Carolina, told The Associated Press that she took 100 members of a conservative bar in North Carolina to Washington on Wednesday to “stand up against election fraud.” “

“I was a private citizen and I do everything right and within my rights,” Rainey told Andhra on Sunday.

Army spokesman Major Dan Lessard said the military had opened a new investigation into his involvement.

“We know he’s present at the event and we’re exploring his involvement to determine the right size,” Lessard said. “It is not clear at this time whether he violated any laws or regulations by his presence or actions. That is why we are investigating to determine the facts.”

Lessard said there was no evidence that any other service members had joined Rainey.

Despite Rainey He is said to have resigned after the trial Lessard said he submitted his resignation letter in October and was approved in November to leave the army in April.

“Because it was before, it wasn’t tied to events in DC,” Lessard said.

Rainey could not be reached for comment via text messages or phone calls on Monday, and his voice was full of mail.

Rainey, who refused to enter the Capitol, said he and his crew, Citizens of Moore County for Freedom, Or MCCF, “Peace-loving, law-abiding people who do nothing but prove our First Amendment rights.”

A day after the riots, the MCCF shared a video of a group of peaceful protesters waving American and Trump flags and singing the national anthem.

“It seems like a peaceful protest. They should pray that we stay that way.” Reading the post.

The MCCF’s Facebook page was one of many that helped promote and share the rally Videos of Unsubstantiated election fraud conspiracy theories With Posts promoting charter trips The election convened Wednesday to oppose the election college certification of President-elect Joe Biden.

The rally, in which Trump spoke, saw thousands of his supporters attack Capitol. Five people have been killed, including a Capitol police officer who was attacked by rioters and died of his injuries.

She introduces herself as “Emily Grace” in a video post Said Rainey The MCCF is an impartial group, meaning “we do not affiliate ourselves or respond to any political party.” The panel, which lists its No. 1 issue as “reopening North Carolina to Govt pre-standards”, opposes mask and vaccine orders.

“For the 10 Million Maga March”, its Facebook event page, MCCF Members were charged $ 70 on a coach bus to Washington, Said the Republican rent.

“The GOP has hired a bus for January 6. We leave Belk Plaza at 4:00 am and arrive at Independence Plaza at 9:30 am. Depart DC at 6:00 pm,” the event description says.

Rainey had a small run-in with law enforcement last summer, which aired as part of a social media demonstration.

Raleigh’s NBC affiliate WRAL reported After pulling a warning tape from a playground covered with a corona virus infection and recording and sharing a video, Rainey was charged with property damage and banned from the playground.

“You’re all freedom fighters, this is for you,” Rainey said on his camera before tearing the warning tape.

Speaking to WRAL, Rainey said, “Healthy people should have their constitutional rights to gather and play with their children in the park.”

Police told WRAL that Rainey had torn the tape twice before and that he had been falsely accused after ignoring two police warnings.

Lessard said the military command was aware of Rainey’s park demonstrations last year and had “taken appropriate administrative action” at the time.

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