MSU Business Plans Receive national rankings from News & World Report


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Morehead State University is already in the U.S. It is recognized annually by News & World Report as one of the best public regional universities in the South and was recently ranked as one of the Top 20 Institutions. Now, MSU’s online business plans can make a similar claim.

U.S. Ranked 19th in MSU’s Business Plans in News & World Report’s Best Online Bachelor of Business Plans for 2021.

A list of rankings can be found here:

“We feel that this recognition is a tribute to the quality of our students and teachers,” said Dr. Sam Nataraj, Associate Dean of the School of Business Administration. “We will use this as an incentive to try to increase our rankings in the years to come. Thanks to American News and World Report for this recognition.”

“We are proud to be recognized by American News and World Report in the Best Online Bachelor Startup Rankings in Business Programs. This is a testament to the quality of our teachers, the depth of their experience teaching online and the strong counseling support that all of our students receive throughout their time at Morhead State, ”said Dr. Jonathan Nelson, Associate Professor of Management. And Elmer R. Smith is the dean of the College of Business and Technology.

“We have a strong tradition of providing a meaningful educational experience online, and we are constantly looking for ways for our teachers to enhance that experience for our students. We believe that the professional interaction we maintain with students makes a difference. ”

Elmer R. For more information on business plans at Smith College of Business and Technology, visit, [email protected] or call 606-783-2090.

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