Netflix Original Shows and Movies Excited to Stream in March 2021!

Besides all other shows, Netflix will bring some new movies and shows in the month of March 2021. And fans are very exciting to have all this on the single platform of streaming giant Netflix.

This month, some shows are new and some of the famous stories are returning back with their next sequel. Here I will tell you some more information about the upcoming movies and shows in March 2021.

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March 4

Dracula (New miniseries)

This is a new series that will be coming in this month. And it is a horror movie that will revolve around the Dracula.

March 10

AJ and the Queen (New Series)

A new American TV show created by RuPaul. It is a funny show in which the drag queen is going on a tour to America and want to open a drag club.

Girl/Haji (New series)

A thriller and adventurous show with an interesting complex set of characters and a great exciting plot spun over 2 cities, it is a great watch. A daring investment made by both the BBC and Netflix to fund such a project.

Medical Police (New series)

Another amazing release is going to hit the cinemas in March 2021. In which two amazing doctors who find some dangerous virus in the state of Brazil. Then they will recruit in the police force to uncover this mystery.

March 15

Grace and Frankie (Season 6)

This is a comedy series that will not end after the sixth sequel that is going to out in March 2021. Be ready to get more fun and laughs that will await you in this series by Grace and Frankie.

March 17

The Ghost Bride (New series)

This is a Malaysian drama show that hunts the story from the 80s. This horror story is about a woman who wakes up after a death. And she accepts the proposal as a ghost bride of a recently dead person of a rich family.

Sex Education, Season 2

Another sequel of the teen series will renew for its second season. They tackle the perspective of the LGBT community, kids with weird parents, and children that grew up in toxic & abusive environments.

October Faction (New series)

This is also a new series that will premiere on Netflix. It is a comic series that will revolve around the group of monster hunters.

March 24

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Season 3

This show will bring some more adventurous shots of teenage Sabrina in the upcoming third sequel of the series. More suspense and the adventure is going on in this way.

The Ranch, Season 8

The final series of a comedy and funny series that will show you some funny chunks of Ashton Kutcher family.

March 29

Night on Earth (New Docuseries)

The story will explore the five stories, each will show you a cab-rider and pictured in several parts of the world. It is about some nightmares that will get alive at night time.

Omniscient (New series)

This series is a new show of a sci-fi series in which every single person is observed very carefully. This will also about a lady who saw a crime (murder) in the eye of the camera. And now the investigation is on its way to uncovering the reason behind this crime.

March 30

The Stranger (New miniseries)

Harlan Coben’s horror creation that will follow a man who will meet with a stranger and uncover some mysterious aspect of his family. This series will lead the audience to uncover some strange truths.

March 31

BoJack Horseman, Season 6

The final sequel of a comedy series will going to an end after this sixth season of a horseman. The series will be wrapped up on season 6.

Luna Nera (New series)

A series of teenagers that will follow the Italian lady blamed witchcraft in the 17th century.

Ragnarok (New series)

It is a Norwegian drama serial that will focus on a village. The weather of this village changes and it is discovered as a new era “Ragnarok”. It is discovered as a natural disaster. And the whole of the village looks busy for the solution before its getting too late.

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