Protests in Brazil demanding impeachment of the President

Protests continue in Brazil demanding the impeachment and imprisonment of President Jaya Bolsonaro, who failed to deal with Corona. Thousands of people have flocked to important roads in the Brazilian cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Defendants and satirical banners festoons and cartoons strongly condemn Jaya Bolsonaro and her consultant physician, Nice Yamaguchi.

Outraged citizens complain, the administration of Jaya Bolsonaro has ultimately failed to prevent the infection. Despite the deaths of millions of people, the president has no qualms about strengthening the immunization program. More than half a million people have died in Brazil since the coronavirus epidemic. Brazil ranks second only to the United States in terms of numbers.

According to the Deutsche Welle, quoting the Brazilian Ministry of Health, an average of 2,000 people in Brazil die of coronavirus every day. The vaccine dose has been completed for 11 percent of the country’s citizens. On the other hand, 29 percent of citizens have only received the first dose of the vaccine.

Brazilians began protesting in front of the congress in the capital, Brasilia, in May, demanding the government’s failure to stop the spread of coronavirus in the Brazilian capital and the rapid immunization of its citizens. The protests later spread to other cities.

“The coronavirus has taken away so many people, including our friends and relatives,” schoolteacher Paula Quirez told the Guardian from a protest on Vargas Avenue in Rio de Janeiro. But the president is not listening to us. He is supplying us with chloroquine, as advised by his counselor, Nise Yamaguchi. ‘Chloroquine is one of the oldest medicines for malaria.

Oshaldo Pinero, a 65-year-old engineer in Rio de Janeiro, sees the president’s whimsical behavior as a “great nuisance.” “His actions are a great nuisance to us,” he said. The Bolsonaro administration is genocidal. So many people are dying, they have no headaches? I am on my way even at this age. I have to protest. ”

Meanwhile, President Jaya Bolsonaro has started campaigning ahead of the 2022 elections. Last Saturday he held a motorcycle parade with supporters in Sao Paulo. A few days ago, he had to pay a fine for not wearing a mask during the election campaign. He also contracted coronavirus last year. But he insists he will not be vaccinated.

According to the BBC, Jaya Bolsonaro has ignored strict lockdown suggestions from various quarters to prevent the corona infection since last year. He has repeatedly called for a stronger economy, according to policymakers. The Spanish news agency EPA quoted the Bhutan Institute, a biological research center in Brazil, as saying that they had offered 100 million coronavacc vaccines, but the Bolsonaro administration had not agreed. He then returned Pfizer’s offer of Rs 1.5 million.
Anti-government protesters took to the streets in more than a score of cities across Brazil on Saturday as the nation’s confirmed death toll from COVID-19 soared past half a million — a tragedy many critics blame on President Jair Bolsonaro’s attempt to minimize the disease.

Thousands gathered in downtown Rio de Janeiro waving flags with slogans such as “Get out Bolsonaro. Government of hunger and unemployment.”

“Brazil is experiencing a great setback. The country was an exemplary country for vaccination in the world. We have widely recognized institutions, but today we are in a sad situation ”, said Isabela Gouljor, a 20-year-old student who joined the protest in Rio.

Other marchers hoisted posters reading: “500 thousand deaths. It’s his fault,” alluding to Bolsonaro.

Similar marches took place in at least 22 or Brazil’s 26 states, as well as in the Federal District, Brasilia. They were promoted by left-wing opposition parties who have been heartened by Bolsonaro’s declining poll ratings with next year’s presidential race looming

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