March 7, 2021

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Revealed by: Guardian / KHN Nearly 3,000 U.S. Health Workers Govt American News

More than 2,900 U.S. health workers have died of the Govt-19 epidemic since March, according to a new study by the Guardian and KHN.

Healthcare worker deaths from corona virus The majority of people under the age of 60 have age data, excluding adolescents. People of color are affected proportionately, and there are more than 65% deaths in cases with race and ethnic data. After conducting interviews with relatives and friends of the 300 victims, the Guardian and KHN learned that one-third of the deaths involved concerns about insufficient BPE.

Many deaths – about 680 – occurred in New York and New Jersey, which were severely affected by the onset of the epidemic. A significant number of deaths occurred in the southern and western states in the following months.

These findings are part of the Lost on the Frontline, a nine-month data and investigation program by KHN and the Guardian to track every health worker who dies from an infection.


The victim, Vincent Dijesus, 39, told his brother Neil that he would be in serious trouble if he spent too much time with a Govt-positive patient in the surgical mask given to him by the Las Vegas hospital where he worked. Dijesus died on August 15th.

Sue Williams-Ward, a 68-year-old home health assistant, earned $ 13 an hour in Indianapolis and bathed and dressed clients without wearing any BPE, her husband said. He was incubated for six weeks before dying on May 2.

Lost on the Frontline prompts new government action to investigate the root cause of health worker deaths and take steps to better monitor them. Officials from the Department of Health and Human Services recently asked the National Academy of Sciences for “why so many professional advice” in the United States on why so many health workers are dying in the United States, citing the Guardian and KHN’s declining workforce.

“The question is where they suffer.” Asked Michael Osterhome, a member of Joe Biden’s Govt-19 advisory board and director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota. “This is clearly an important issue that we need to answer, and it is not for us.”

The 10 December Report Recommends a new federal monitoring system by National Academies and specially trained contact tracers considering BPE policies and availability.

Doing so will add critical knowledge, which will be passed down through the generations and give meaning to the lives now lost.

“That [healthcare workers] People who go to work every day for every aspect of that life because they care about patients and put food on the table for families, ”said Sue Anne Bell, assistant professor and associate professor of nursing at the University of Michigan. Author of the National Academies Report.

Health workers in the ICU at Oakband Medical Center in Richmond, Texas on July 15, 2020.  The death toll from U.S. health workers continues to rise.

Health workers in the ICU at Oakband Medical Center in Richmond, Texas on July 15, 2020. The death toll from U.S. health workers continues to rise. Photo: Mark Felix / AFP / Getty Images

These recommendations for health workers have come at a moment-of-the-moment time, as some are getting the Govt-19 vaccine, while others are fighting for their lives amid the highest epidemics the United States has ever seen.

The number continues to rise. In Indianapolis, for example, 41-year-old nurse practitioner Kindra Irons died on December 1st. According to her husband Marcus Irons, seven or eight home health patients a week wore full PPE, including an N95 mask and face mask.

The virus destroyed her lungs so badly that the ECMO, the most aggressive life support tool for six weeks, could not save her, he said.

Marcus Irons said he is now struggling to fund two younger children, ages 12 and 15. “No one has to go through what we do,” he said.

In Massachusetts, 43-year-old Mike “Flynnie” oversees transportation and laundry services at the North Shore Medical Center, a hospital in Flynn, Salem. He and his wife were raising small children aged eight, 10 and 11 years.

Flynn, who shone in father-daughter dances, fell ill in late November and died on December 8th. His father Paul Flynn says he had a heart attack at home in bed. A hospital spokesman said full access to the PPE and free testing on the site.

Since the first months of the epidemic, more than 70 reporters at the Guardian and KHN have researched numerous government and public data sources, interviewed victims and talked to health professionals to generate a number.

The total number includes trade unions, condolences and the media and online posts of the deceased and deaths identified by relatives of the deceased. The Guardian and KHN previously reported a total death toll of about 1,450 health workers. The new number reflects the inclusion of data reported by nursing homes and health facilities to federal and state governments. These deaths include facility names, but not labor names. Reporters cross-examined each record to ensure that no deaths appeared twice in the database.

This figure has been widely quoted by other media and members of Congress.

Norma Torres, a representative from California, cited the data Citing need From the Govt-19 to the pending bill to provide compensation to the families of long-term disabled or deceased health workers.

Oregon Senator Ron Wheaton asked about the medical supply chain at a Senate finance committee. “The truth is, the lack of BPE puts our doctors, nurses and caregivers at great risk.”