Rolex Watches and Its Hidden Features for all Watch Fans

Having your own Rolex Submariner watch, for example, is fun! Many people want it, but few can have it. It is also a testament to your refined tastes. After all, the Rolex movement is famous for its perpetual motion. It has surpassed the standards in chronometric precision. So, what you have around your wrist is not simply attractive bling. It is a craftsmanship that is also a work of art. It is a watch of all watches. From its design to its components, the Rolex brand has ensured that nothing is spared in its extravagance to create precious and stunning watches.

Fascinating Rolex Features

The reason why watch fans flock to Rolex is not simply because of its accurate time-telling. It has features that can impress even those who are not into watches. After all, these are the essential things that luxury collectors look for when buying watches. These also feature that you can make as a basis why you are into luxury watches, especially for a Rolex Submariner watch.

  1. 904L Stainless Steel-This might be news to you, but Rolex has been using this hi-grade type of steel for its watches for generations. This type of steel is very durable. It can withstand any action. 316L is the type of steel found in other luxury watches. Rolex has relied on its 904L steel for generations. No wonder a Rolex watch always looks shiny when compared to other watches in the same luxury line.
  1. The water-resistance of up to 3,900 meters – The Oyster Case is impervious to water since 1926. This feature is why divers love Rolex. You can take it up to 3,900 meters, and the watch will still function accurately. It sums up why Rolex is both a symbol of luxury and durability. It is a watch that should be outdoors. Sporty people love the brand, and it has served them for generations.
  1. Caliber 3255 movement-Hidden in all watches is the heartbeat that commands its perpetual movement. Rolex has consistently topped the COSC level of certification. However, the new movement called Caliber 3255 has even topped the COSC level of Chronometric precision. Thus, this is quite a feat considering that all luxury watches claim they have attained the accuracy set by COSC!

Knowing these features should convince any watch fans to switch brands. This knowledge has proven why Rolex is a class of its own. Many luxury watches have tried to emulate the high standards set by Rolex. But nothing comes close.

Are you looking for affordable Rolex watches?

Generally, a Rolex watch is expensive. It is more costly than any luxury watch that you know. If you buy a Rolex in the UK and USA, the prices are indeed high. This is commerce and also about demand and production. However, if you are traveling to Eastern Europe, then you might be in luck. Rolex watches in that part of the world have friendly prices. They can be affordable. Instead of getting one from Switzerland, Asia, the US, and Europe, you should perhaps change your plan.

Rolex Submariner: Counterfeit and Fake-proof

Spotting a fake Rolex watch has a lot of ways. By going online and comparing the original(from the website) to a fake one is easy. It is also counterfeit-proof. Let’s say your Rolex watch gets stolen. If someone attempts to sell that watch to any outlet, then that person will have bad luck. Each Rolex watch has a serial number that’s registered in the Rolex database. The Rolex outlet will alarm the database, and the watch will be returned to the owner. So you can say that having a Rolex watch is a safe bet. It is also something, to begin with when you are new to the world of luxury watches. It is durable and reliable. It can last a lifetime. That is why you can consider it as a sort of heirloom to be passed for generations.


If you are looking or shopping for a new luxury watch, then consider investing in a Rolex. Its value will appreciate, and it is also durable. Getting a Rolex is a wise choice. It is a watch that you will enjoy for many generations. It is also a pride to wear because of its beautiful design.

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