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In the face of ongoing military coups or civil unrest, the downfall of the government is often seen. When the ruler of a country forgets the interests of the people and adopts willfulness, when the country becomes a tool of oppression, it is the people’s sacred right to resist the ruler-Aristotle said thousands of years ago. Not everyone in Russia likes President Vladimir Putin. In recent years, campaigns against him have erupted in some cities and there have been reports of brutal suppression. But some strange things will happen in Russia a few years ago. A man thousands of miles away from Moscow set out from his hometown to overthrow President Putin. In his view, Putin is a “demon”, and his duty is to expel “Putin this demon” from the Kremlin. I got it today.

Let’s first understand the man who planned to overthrow Putin’s tricks. Alexander Gabishev is 51 years old. His city of Yakutsk is about 5,000 miles from the capital Moscow. After graduating from the Department of History at Yakutsk University in his hometown, he devoted himself to some careers in a short period of time. But a tragedy changed his life. His wife died suddenly. The death of his beloved wife shocked him so much that he lost his mental balance due to excessive pain. After observing the general situation, family and friends encouraged him to seek psychological treatment, but in the end he decided to meditate in the forest following his mother’s instructions.
Three years later, he returned from meditation and began to identify himself as a “Samurai Shaman.” In the area where he lives, “shamanism” is a very popular belief that connects man and nature. So far, there are about a thousand shamans in Russia and they also have a formal organization. Basically those who call themselves shamans make their living as doctors. No artificial ingredients are used in its treatment process, they are all obtained from nature. They are also respected in society as spiritual leaders, and in many cases point to psychiatric solutions. When Alexander Gabishev returned from meditation, he began to preach that Putin was indeed the “representative of the devil” and that he should be expelled from the Kremlin without bloody violence.
In order to understand Alexander Gabishev’s goals, some of his words can be highlighted. In March 2019, he said that
will be a great battle. Yes, this will be a glorious battle.

and I know all kinds of martial arts skills. It will not last an hour, it will last a whole day. If someone fights for a day, all of Russia will wake up. Then I won’t be alone, and millions of people will be behind me.
On the way to Moscow, he came up with a new way to peacefully overthrow President Putin. In his words,
I am walking to overthrow Putin. No one hair on your head will be damaged. In fact, I have no right to hurt anyone, because that is a sin. He just needs to be ousted, as he can do it without violence. Violence is forbidden, even against the devil.
He went to Moscow at the end of 2016, but had no political goals at the time. After traveling some distance, he returned to his hometown when his favorite dog, Rex, was injured in a car accident. In March 2019, he tried walking to Moscow for the second time. After about six months of travel, he arrived in the Russian city Cheetah, where anti-Putin movement is taking place. During these six months, many media reported on him and he became the “memetic material” of the Russian online world. After setting foot in Cheetah Town, he had a chance to speak at the rally. In the four-minute speech, he spoke of a legislature that would legislate like this. He said at the rally that
Putin’s orders will not work from now on. You start living independently. This is the law now!
In September, Alexander Gabishev arrived in Ulan-Ude. The mayoral election was being held at that time. The independent candidate Igor Shudenkov defeated the Communist Party’s rival candidate in the election. During the electoral turmoil, a local man bought a crowdfunding truck to transport personal belongings of Shaman Gabishev and his supporters. But the local government said it was unable to register the truck. Later, when various people pressured the local government to search the truck, the police confiscated the truck and arrested the people. After <

was arrested, a local video blogger called on the public to unite against the government crackdown. Several people answered his call, but they were dispersed by the Russian National Guard.
On September 19, 2019, Gabishev and his followers camped and rested on the border of Buryatia and Irkutsk. Late at night, some law enforcement officers raided the scene and arrested him. The Buryat Interior Minister claimed that Gabishev was wanted for various crimes in his hometown. Then government officials flew him to Yakutsk. The government later reported that he had been sent to a neuropsychiatric hospital for a mental health checkup. However, this triggered another conflict between Russia and the Western world. Western media, including Amnesty International, claimed that Gabishev was mentally healthy and arrested for expressing opinions. He was asked to be released unconditionally.
Moscow’s goal of peacefully toppling Putin is Gabishev’s journey that began in March 2019 and ended in September. In fact, this strange plan to overthrow has not received the support of any country. Rather, a lot of humor begins with

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