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CANTON – SUNY Canton U.S. Listed in News & World Report’s 2021 Best Online Undergraduate Programs and Other Online-Specific categories.

“We are a leader in online education at New York State University and have been offering online bachelor’s degrees for the past 16 years,” said Suni Canton President Swee Saffron. “With forward-thinking teachers and the support of the college’s online learning department, the college has grown exponentially and has been able to provide exceptionally strong support services to our online student.

The 116th ranked college in this list, Suni Delhi, another technical college, offers similar career-oriented programs. Buffalo University is the only state university in New York College.

Suni Canton began offering her four-year finance degree online in 2005. Since then, significant investment in online education has led to 18 other online bachelor’s degrees. Prior to the outbreak, the college had about 30% of the population online, with almost every student taking at least one online class.

U.S. News’ latest round rankings include exceptional four-year business offers. New Best Online Undergraduate Programs – Suni Canton has earned a place in the business list. The college was in the other six to finish 19th. In addition to funding, the four-year business plans include Healthcare Management, the largest and most popular large and management offered online or in person, a flexible program designed to meet students’ career aspirations.

“Suni Canton’s business degrees emphasize the applicable part of the college’s work,” said William Myers, Ph.D., who serves as head of the Department of Commerce. “Our educational approach allows students to learn by engaging in activities, including simulations that emphasize the needs of the emerging market.”

The department’s new online programs include Sports Management and Agribusiness Management.

U.S. Suni Canton has also been named one of the best online bachelor programs on the Veterans list by News & World Report. Suni Canton ranks 70th on the list and is the only Suni college to be mentioned in the specific rankings.

By Fall 2020, more than 100 students have been identified as veterans, active-duty military veterans, members of the National Guard or members of the military. Currently half of them are fully enrolled in online programs. Current and former military members may choose to evaluate their military copies for leadership and management experience for advanced employment in selected programs.

In September 2020, the college advanced four places to rank 19th in the Northern Division of Regional Colleges of the 2021 US News & World Report. In addition, the college was ranked 12th in “Best Value Regional Colleges – North”, 11th in “Best Public Regional Colleges – North” and 10th in “Best for Veteran Regional Colleges – North”.

U.S. News uses a specific method to evaluate online colleges based on a variety of factors, including engagement, services and technology and faculty credentials.

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