The Biden administration weighs in on the plan to send masks directly to all Americans

WASHINGTON – Biden is considering sending White House masks directly to U.S. homes, according to three people familiar with the debate, who said the Trump administration had scrutinized but canceled.

The Govt-19 response team is evaluating the logistics to cover millions of faces, but no decision has been made and the plan has not yet reached President Joe Biden for final approval, a White House official said.

The idea has been raised at several meetings between Biden’s top health professionals in recent days, especially as Biden continues to urge Americans to use masks as their primary protection against the spread of the corona virus.

Biden has called on all Americans to wear masks for the first 100 days of his term, and he has signed a number of administrative measures that would require them to wear masks on federal property and be on public transport, which President Donald Trump has never enacted.

It is not clear when the masks will go public, how much will be added to an apartment, whether they will be discarded or made of cloth. It is not yet clear what the cost will be.

“There are a variety of options at the table to protect more Americans from the corona virus and encourage people to hide, but no decision has been made,” said Jen Saki, the White House press secretary.

A White House official said a policy note had not yet gone through the policy process.

NBC News reported that the White House canceled a plan last year to provide cloth masks to every American home, and chose to send them to nonprofits and government agencies instead, according to an internal email from a senior executive at the time.

According to federal procurement records, the Department of Health and Human Services has signed a $ 640 million contract with a group of textile manufacturers to manufacture masks under Project America Strong. The biggest deal went to Haynes, who created 450 million masks in May and July.

Since April, public health experts have been encouraging elected leaders to wear masks. Trump was reluctant to do so, almost never playing in public. When Walter Reed returned to the White House from the National Military Medical Center he removed a surgical mask, where he was admitted to hospital in October after his own Govt-19 diagnosis.

In contrast, Biden continues to wear masks, sometimes doubling down on the campaign trail. He has also decided to wear them when he cannot reach social distances within the Oval Office and other White House locations.

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Another departure from the Trump administration is a common and necessary view of West Wing masks. Sackie usually wears an N-95 mask on the way to the lecturer for the daily conference and puts it back on immediately after the news conferences are over.

As the vaccine supply continues to increase, face masks are likely to stay here. Top doctors have predicted that Americans will wear them for a long time until the herd reaches herd immunity.

Dr Anthony Fucci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said Wednesday that the Biden administration is also weighing in on whether people should double-cover. He pointed out that science will wait until its recommendations are guided, but said it is important to wear at least one.

“If you’re talking about a body barrier, as the CDC recommends, you want at least two layers inside the mask as a physical barrier, and you think it would be even better to have a physical barrier, do not miss wearing two masks,” Fassi said. “I often wear two masks.”

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