The importance of advertising and digital media

Maintaining the quality of your product is as important as maintaining the advertisement area and the way that you represent your brand. Brand advertising has been one of the major parts of the face value of your company.

The right type of advertising can help in lifting the economy of your company. Back in the day, people use to advertise their business and products using boards, pallets, and even individual’s who used to go door to door to promote their brand by illustrating their products.

But we have come far from that period as virtual and augmented reality have taken over this town of advertising and now one has tons of options that he or she can use to promote their brand or business without much fuss.

To put it simply, you can access tons of technical options to promote your product or business in the most innovative of ways. In today’s blog, we will be discussing some of the collective stats of known brands and companies that will help us better understand the impact of digital advertising and how it is shaping the companies of the future.

Some notable advertising statistics that have significantly seen a rise in terms of usage

  1. The budget for advertising has seen a significant increment globally from 16 million to 31 million dollars.
  2. An average brand responds to a tweet within 10 hours while a tweeter survey concluded that a user or a customer expects a reply within 4 hours and also that 77% of the Twitter users appreciate it when a brand responds to their tweet.
  3. The cost of an average advertising plan that is used by small business owners as part of their online advertising plan costs them somewhere between 9 to 10,000 dollars per month.
  4. One of the most astonishing facts is that an average customer gets about 1700 ads in a month and only sees about half of them.
  5. More than 75% of the marketers fail in targeting the audience in terms of behavioral data for their ads.4

Let us now take a look at some of the most expensive ad facts

Advertising facts that you did not know

  1. The most expensive campaign in the history of ads has been of Chanel that cost a whopping 33 million, 3 million of which were paid to none other than the star of the ad, Nicole Kidman for featuring.
  2. One of the most intriguing facts about chewing gums, people started chewing two gums at once ever since the ads started because the people in the ad also chewed two gums at once which had a huge impact on the audience.
  3. Do you ever notice something strange about the ads of watches as to how to they all show the same time that is 10:10? It is because the hands of the watch frame the name of the company and the time shown makes a smiley face that gives a positive vibe.
  4. One of the simplest and most efficient marketing strategies that are used by companies and brands is that they place their products with things that make the user feel more positive and confident about the product itself. For instance, bikes are often shown in sunny areas with a bit of breeze along with a rider who has all the good features. All these things connect ideally and leave a positive mark on the mind of the user.

Some of the more mentionable facts that a user might come across say that almost 10% of the viewers or users read online reviews before they visit the business website. 

All of these factors lead to one thing, that digital media has had a great impact on advertising, and representing your product is of optimum importance, now more than ever.


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