The Kiwi cricket style

New Zealand cricket is no longer alive. The position has gone to the bottom of the ranking. Red ball and white ball or white ball cricket of colored dress. There is nothing to be hopeful about anywhere. Ross Taylor has resigned – his only refusal to be Test cricket captain. Brendon McCullum has shouldered the responsibility. And what a terrible start! All out for 45 runs. This shame after more than half a century.

Time goes on, people go on, but New Zealand cricket is just behind. He was all out for 42 against Australia in 1948, scoring a total of 54 in the second innings. Australia’s second-ranked team declared the innings at 199 for six, but the match ended in a day and a half. পর After a match, Australia has not played Test cricket with New Zealand for nearly two and a half decades or more than ten thousand days. In 1974, New Zealand got a chance to face Australia for the second time. England, however, did not show such ‘toughness’, as England gave the final embarrassment to New Zealand in the summer of 1955 Kiwi cricket. Lane Hutton’s team won the match by an innings and twenty runs, just 48 runs ahead of the first innings of the Auckland Test. New Zealand’s 26 runs – the lowest team score in the history of Test cricket so far.

Cape Town in South Africa dug a hole and brought out the shame that day! Cape Town’s Newlands has a reputation for being a ‘haunted pitch’. It saw the fall of 23 wickets in one day. But New Zealand can’t show much. At the end of the day, South Africa’s score stood at 252/3. And that’s when New Zealand’s team management came to the conclusion that it could not continue like this. Now something needs to be done. That ‘something’ stood out so much that over the next few years they became one of the world’s most powerful cricketing powers, and on that foundation New Zealand received official recognition and recognition for their excellence in cricket.

McCallum is sitting in a hotel room in Cape Town with a can of drinks. Still can’t believe it, the start of the captaincy has been so disgusting. He had a horrible nightmare in the scorching sun of Newlands. There is no chance that the nightmare will go away as soon as you wake up; Because this nightmare has taken away his sleep. Someone is knocking on the door. Mike Hesson, the head coach of New Zealand, entered with permission. After a while came the team manager, then the assistant coach. The four brains are engrossed in intensive planning; They want the final end of New Zealand cricket’s nightmare.

“It simply came to our notice then. But if you want to leave an impression of leadership, now is the time. You have to decide whether you want to continue working or not.

Mike Hesson’s clear message to McCallum – Boy, you have a great responsibility to shape the future of New Zealand cricket. Don’t lose heart

McCallum decided what to do. Before that they all came to the conclusion, now their position has reached the level of ‘zero’, there is nothing left to go back. Now we have to move forward.

The New Zealand cricket team is no longer the property of any individual. Rather, it belongs to the people. If a captain builds a team like his, then he has an impact, but the team doesn’t belong to the people anymore. Rugby is the most popular sport in New Zealand. The countrymen love basketball, netball and even football. New Zealand’s participation in the 2010 FIFA World Cup can be called a revolution in the football of that country. Basketball, netball often catches the global success, rugby is one of the best teams in the world. He holds the badges of multiple world champions. If cricket wants to take a stand in the midst of such a popular sport, then not only must it succeed in world cricket, the team must also have the character of a New Zealander. How is that character? How is Kiwi cricket possible if it reflects the character of the people?

In the seventies, New Zealand cricket tried to follow the structure and style of English cricket. With the rise of all-conquering Australia in the nineties and early part of this century, they tried to capture the cricketing character of the neighboring country. But how out of place it seems. McCullum wants to establish a cricketing character that is self-sufficient, one that represents the whole of New Zealand. The team is not his, or Mike Hesson’s, nor will he be when a new captain arrives. The team will always represent the people of New Zealand, so I want to be a character. Everyone has a different opinion. Hardworking, humble, generous, innovative… various models emerge. But New Zealand is not a fairytale state where all positives are crowded. There is a mixture of good and evil here. Then the team will be the ones who will not give up on the competition on the cricket field. But the highest honor will be allocated for the opponent. Don’t cheat on your own work, if the opponent gives you a better job than that, you won’t be disappointed at all. You will enjoy it with applause. So, even if Bangladesh loses the Champions Trophy and is eliminated from the semi-finals, there is no doubt about it. Bangladesh has won as a worthy team – open recognition of New Zealand cricket.

It is not a matter of borrowing, it becomes a characteristic of one’s own and one’s own character – Kiwi cricket style.

If the image of the leader is not reflected in any party, then the contribution of the leader in the party is ‘hour’. The more influential Daputa is in personality and authority, the more influential his party becomes. McCallum knows that. So he fixes the mantra for his teammates,

“Every time you step on the field wearing a New Zealand jersey, no matter where you are in the world – forget what your scorecard is saying, you don’t have to look at the atmosphere of the match. One thing to keep in mind – New Zealand is the best team on the planet, and you represent that team. You will make it clear to the whole world in your demeanor, in your walk-and-talk, that this is the team that plays the best cricket in this land. ‘

Mike Hesson understands that the team has become heavy on some selfish cricketers. So it has to be light, instead of having dedicated and responsible cricketers in the team. With 30-40 runs or two wickets or a good spell, if you think your place in the team is secure, then look the other way. This team is for those who will come on the field to do their best.

McCullum revolutionized fielding. He is also unwilling to give up the amount of hair. It has been seen almost all the time that he is chasing the ball, floating his body in the air at the last moment before the boundary, leaving the ball that touched the boundary rope in the speed of the cheetah and left. Sure four has become three or two runs. He took incredible catches with superhuman skills, like a gymnastics show. New Zealand has gifted many unforgettable matches during McCallum’s time. His firm belief – at that time the team not only played very aggressive cricket in all the divisions of batting-bowling-fielding, only went to the ‘insane’ stage.

He was able to spread McCallum’s madness throughout the team, as if the team had become a reflection of the leader!

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